Victorian House Floor Plans , Why Everybody Loves?

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A shelter is a place for priority to go home after we work, where a family of students and a place where fostering a love for husband and wife also for family members. The presence of Victorian House Floor Plans and home designs with a minimalist model is estimated to have existed in 1920, but not as popular as now.

It was only in the 1990s that the firm that brought minimalism began to be widely known and continued through rapid development in the years that followed.

Many people who believe in residential design have the characteristics of a simple residential model, but still, have the art of beauty with the concept of more spacious space. Starting the emergence of the concept of residence is to save money on the use of raw materials.

In the concept of other home concepts, generally, the use of raw materials is very excessive. In addition to this, it can lead to the depletion of natural resources, which also requires a significant amount of funds.

You need to consider the concept of residence with the needs of your children and family. For example victorian house floor plans, a model of the house that you can use the model to create a place to live according to the needs of us and family members, namely the concept of a place to stay with a large yard.

You can use a large yard of your house to relax, play and plant some plants for our family. If our place of residence is close to a major road, you should add a fence for family safety.

Victorian House Floor Plans

Why Everybody Loves victorian house floor plans?

With advances in technology in the field of architecture and interior design, the Victorian style is inherent in the classic theme and inspired by the typical residential style of the ancient English aristocracy, still inspiring modern life today.

Here are the reasons why the design and victorian house floor plans are still often glimpsed by many people when determining the style of residential interiors.

Creating an elegant, grand and luxurious residential atmosphere

Design and victorian house floor plans are filled with architectural and interior touches in the style of the British Empire, with magnificent colors and patterns, as well as carvings, furniture and classic large-sized ornaments ranging from stairs, windows, cabinets, sofas, mirrors and lamps that give the impression of luxury and classy.

Not only in the interior but residential with Victorian-style architecture also has a steep roof of the house with a peak equipped with cupola, which is an additional building structure with a dome-like shape.

Suitable applied for large-sized dwellings with high ceilings

Occupancy with Victorian architecture and interior design usually stands in a large area, so this style is always attached to large and magnificent buildings. Distinctive Victorian style is also seen in the relatively high size of the door and ornaments in a large room, such as large and tall curtains with dangling tassels and a large sofa with a high back. So, for Narration Friends who have multi-story dwellings and spacious home areas with large rooms, the Victorian-style deserves to be chosen.

In harmony with antiques

The Victorian interior design concept that has been used since the era of Queen Victoria from England, is a combination of traditional design and modern contemporary. Therefore, Friends of Narration can put a collection of antiques to bring a thicker classical and traditional atmosphere into Victorian-style dwellings.

Can be combined with modern style interiors

Most people who own Victorian-style homes want a bit of a modern atmosphere in their home, and those who don’t have a Victorian-style crave the quality and character of Victorian-style interior design that seems hard to come by now.

There are several ways that you can do it, for example pairing an old wooden table with an ultra-modern chair, such as an acrylic or industrial chair, adding carved wooden pieces to ornaments such as mirror frames, lamps, and photo frames, bringing accent walls with colors and Victorian-style patterns in a room with an open floor plan or putting a pillow with the floral cover on a modern chair or sofa. These steps can give birth to a modern Victorian interior design.

Warm residential lighting

Victorian-style interior design increasingly looks elegant with warm lighting and synergy with dark colors. Yellow light bulbs on wall lamps and chandeliers, which are usually used in Victorian-style dwellings, provide soft lighting and a comfortable atmosphere in the room. Adding some decorative lights such as “Tiffany” lamps will also be a perfect decoration addition to Victorian-themed homes.

Suitable for personal expressive and fond of decorating homes with a variety of ornaments

Victorian interior style usually contains a lot of ornaments, such as rugs, large curtains, patterned wallpapers, large chandeliers, as well as furniture that is rich in motifs and sizes. Friends of the Narrative can also easily express themselves through bold and bold colors and patterns such as dark red, dark green, purple, and gold, as well as floral, foliage, bird and butterfly patterns that are characteristic of Victorian-themed interiors.

One of the interior design concepts that are timeless

Friend Narration does not need to worry when applying this unique interior design for residential, because the Victorian interior style is one of the interior design concepts that will not be timeless, as long as this concept is applied properly and appropriately.

Old things are always something that has artistic value and has its uniqueness. Similarly, the style of Victorian interior design that has emerged since the mid to late 19th century. The concept of interior design is believed to be the older the age, the higher the aesthetic value.

Changing residential interiors in a Victorian style is not as easy as it sounds. In addition to requiring a large enough budget, the challenges that will be faced when combining colors, patterns, furniture styles, and so on are also quite energy-consuming. However, a Victorian-style residential is an interesting idea as well as a project that is worth a try for Friend of Narration who has enough budget, time and energy.

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