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Not a few people who will praise if you say the work of Tom Kundig Houses . Why is that? because fully he became the most popular in America. From this popularity, many people were very impressed with him.

If you could build your dream home, what would it be like? The answer will be different according to what you ask. The feeling is very subjective and each room is a personal reflection of the homeowner.

According to Tom Kundig Houses , owner and head of design of the architecture firm, there are “an unlimited number of design solutions for a home”.

The Kundig practice, Olson Kundig, has two houses displayed, namely a beautiful seaside home in the San Juan Islands, Washington and Delta Shelter, a cabin in Mazama, Washington that blends into the surrounding forested forest. for its warm and earth-like color.

Tom Kundig Houses

Many say that Tom Kundig’s houses are the best in the world. Because the design and panorama that is shown are second to none. Even included in the category with the best Tom Kundig houses design. This fact makes many people ask, actually what touch is given by him?

We understand that Tom Kundig Houses is everyone’s dream, and you are no exception personally. Therefore, we will specifically give a detailed description of Tom Kundig Houses.

The Pole Pass retreat occupies one of 172 islands named in the San Juan archipelago, in a forested patch of wood overlooking the Salish Sea. To utilize the pure air and the island’s moderate climate, the house must be as flexible as possible for life inside and outside. In the low-story two-story pavilion, a giant sedum roof appeared, covering the deck.

Thanks to the gear system and the chain turned on by the handwheel, the glass wall of the pavilion – the largest of which is 20 feet (6 meters) long – can be shifted back fully. A layer of cedarwood is used, slightly charred in a Japanese anti-weather technique called the Shou Sugi ban.

With both houses, the surrounding natural landscape largely informs the design, an important element for Kundig when creating residential space. We asked Kundig what other factors he considered when building an ideal home.

Tom Kundig Houses

What is the most important element when you take a commission for Tom Kundig Houses?

Many important elements work together and provide information to each other: location, climate, tectonics of the place, existing technology. The client, of course, is a very important element too. Our job as architects is to take all these elements and combine all the different vectors into a coherent response, so I don’t consider any consideration to be the most important.

Is there an architectural style that should not be applied to Tom Kundig Houses?

That’s not a rule, but I don’t think home design should ignore the situation or its unique context. The house has an infinite number of design solutions because there are unique and unlimited contextual cultural situations that must inform the design. If the response is appropriate and involves context, then there is no reason why any architectural style must be off-limits.

Guide tom kundig houses

I can’t say that some of the designs on this site are the best, but if you are interested in making Tom Kundig Houses, you can follow the important tips below!

Create House Construction Planning

As a first step, plan the construction of your home, starting from the funds, the size of the building, to the target construction time. This plan will function as a controller for possible deviations during the construction process.

If the implementation of housing construction deviates from the plan, it will certainly have an impact on the costs.  Therefore, choose a professional builder or contractor who is truly an expert in his field, so that he can do the construction of the house following what has been planned.

Determine the Shape of the Building

The shape of the building affects the level of difficulty of construction and the need for building materials. Square or rectangular houses tend to be easier to build and more cost-effective than triangular or other angular houses. Generally, to form several angles or arches will leave a lot of unused building material.

Besides, the level of difficulty in angular or curved buildings is also higher so it is risky for imperfect shapes. The need for an overhaul, of course, requires more time and also costs.

Conduct Research on Building Material Prices

The higher price of building materials is one factor that must be carefully considered. Not a few people who postpone the construction of their homes because of the price of building materials that are not pocket friendly. Now, so that funding needs for building materials can be estimated, then research the price.

No need to hesitate or even embarrassed to go in and out of building shops to ask the price of materials needed, ranging from cement, sand, bricks, iron, and so forth. The importance of comparing prices is because every store does not always sell at the same price.

Selectively Choosing a Building Officer

Building your own house does not mean that you also built the house, but you need the services of a builder or builder as the executor of the construction. It is they who will mix all the building materials and present the final result in the form of good quality homebuilding.

Considering the important role of this artisan, it is not surprising that the cost of paying for his services takes up a sizeable portion of the prepared budget. Therefore, you must be selective in choosing a handyman.

Choose a handyman who is truly an expert in his field and has a good work reputation. This is important because good or not the performance of the craftsman will affect the efficiency of the home construction process.

Start Building Gradually

To build your own house you do not have to wait until the funds are sufficient for all parts of the construction. You can start gradually. Starting from making the foundation, building construction, to the roof installation is done and adjusted to the existing budget.

Of course, this can take longer, but it provides an opportunity for you to focus more on each stage, and the funds spent can be more organized and easily monitored.

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