Three Floor House Make For The Family

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Three Floor House – Many people think that building a three-story house requires large land. The reason for making a house with many floors is because of the narrow land use. So if you have a relatively small area of ‚Äč‚Äčland but need a lot of space because your family members also counted quite a lot, then building a house with three floors is the best solution. Many reference models that can be your choice in building this three story house.

Because three story houses are mostly built on a narrow land. Finally, you will get a garden with a small size too. Do not worry, to still be able to get a beautiful atmosphere at home, you can choose materials such as wood and natural rock that suit your home design. This is also intended to make the illusion as if your page looks broad.

Three Floor House

This three-story house with a minimalist design is suitable to be built in urban areas with limited land conditions. Rather than curious, let’s just look at home design reviews that can be your reference.

Three Floor House With Natural Stones

This three-story model houses natural rock material on the first floor. While on the second and third floors there are variations in the cement wall material.

The only floor area is used as the main entrance and garage to store vehicles. While the second and third floors are places where your room and other family members are located. Model house with a small garden is indeed unique and you can build even on minimal land.

Square Floor Three-Storey House

Square models of various sizes on the look of this house make the atmosphere of the house look more modern and minimalist. Even though you are in a super minimal land, you can still get a house with three strategic floors. You can apply wood material and cement walls to get a minimalist impression that will make the house look warmer. The combination of white and brown colors add a sweet look to your home.

House with a wooden theme

The use of wood material in a three-story house makes the house look more comfortable to look at. In terms of design, there is a first floor that is designed to resemble a basement.

While the entrance is on the second floor with a ladder that you can plug in the main door. This minimalist home design is also suitable to be built on limited land. The advantages of the three-story house with a wooden theme is also seen in the courtyard which feels cooler than the other houses.

Concrete-Roofed house

The concrete roof of this three-story house gives the impression of luxury and modern feel. On each floor of the floor, there is a solid alloy of cement material that makes the house look more attractive and elegant.

The square model is very attractive and sticky with a luxurious impression. Although the risk is you will get a house without the remaining excess land to make a yard, the look of the house remains cool with wood material.

House With Sloping Roof

In addition to concrete roofs, minimalist design on this three-story house can also be found with a slightly sloping roof model. The three-story model is very simple with a blend of ceramic material and natural rock. Ivory white color makes the house look more spacious. With the remaining minimal land, you can still find a house with a beautiful atmosphere with this minimalist style.

Make a Three Floor House for Modern Families

For those of you who want to make a three-floor house for the family, you can see the reviews below!

Void Model for Modern Minimalist Home Designs

Unlike the storied house in general, this modern minimalist home design adopts a home void design. Open space is made in the middle of the construction between the second floor and the third floor.

Spaces designated as workplaces and playgrounds are built on the sides of the walls. Meanwhile, the middle part on the second floor is used as a family room. This void design makes for better air circulation, more optimal lighting, and wider and more spacious visual effects.

Hanging Lamps on High Ceilings

In this Pitarani House, the second and third floors have the same ceiling. The type of ceiling used is a wooden panel ceiling with natural color and texture. As decoration in the middle of the room, three hanging lamps are mounted on a wooden ceiling. Following modern minimalist home design, this chandelier does not have much ornamentation or detail.

The three lamps are mounted with different heights. The lowest hanging lamp is mounted at half the height of the room. With the right height, the chandelier in Pitarani House is the center of attention and beautifies two floors at a time.

Open Passage for Lounge

One side of the third floor of the Pitarani House is used as a special working space. In addition to the workspace, there is also an open hallway that is limited by the glass-walled railing.

This open hallway carries a minimalist design without a lot of furniture and ornaments. Placed a bench along the hallway. So that the hallway not only functions as a link from one point to another but also functions as a sitting room.

Wooden Floor Yoga Room

Didn’t think there was a yoga room in this house? The designer specifically set up a comfortable yoga room upstairs. This elongated yoga room is next to an open hall that functions as a sitting room. The yoga room uses wood material for the floor. Not without reason, wood-based flooring is very suitable for yoga. Wood material with natural color and texture can optimize concentration. The effect, yoga practitioners can achieve maximum calm.

Nan Warm Living Room

Warmth is felt in the living room Pitarani House thanks to a large window on one side. The family room was overflowed with natural light. Besides, the existence of the sofa as the main star offers comfort that increasingly complements the warm atmosphere that has awakened.

Because it carries a modern minimalist design, there isn’t much decoration and furniture in the family room. In addition to the sofa, some furniture in this room includes a small round table covered with natural carpet, a chair, and a minimalist TV rack.

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