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    Colonial Interior
    Interior Design

    Colonial Home Interior Style

    Want to somehow update the interior of your home, but directions that are popular in interior design don’t suit you? Pay attention to the Colonial Home Interior style. With it, you can emphasize your wealth, increase feelings of comfort and pleasure.

    Colonial Home Interior

    The style name dates back to the days of the mighty British Empire when it covered more than a quarter of the land of Asia, Africa, and the New World. Of course, English enforces their language and even culture – certain English features appear in the interior of the house.

    Characteristic Features Colonial Home Interior

    Characteristic Features Colonial Home Interior

    Even though several centuries have passed, the notion of Colonial Home Interior style remains the same – a reasonable combination of luxury, comfort and rich exoticism. Note! This design is suitable for those whose wealth is above average. High-quality natural materials, decoration, and decoration are very valuable.

    Plant Colonial Home Interior

    Plant Colonial Home Interior

    The most striking characteristic of Colonial Home Interior is the exotic plants. Around the lush and stormy vegetation, everything is green and bright. Naturally, eastern residents decorate their homes in the most affordable way – palm trees and ferns.

    Note! This is not about one hand that has almost withered in a corner, which makes everyone feel sorry. In colonial style, greenery, standing in several tubs, pleases the eyes of anyone who enters the room. If you don’t like or don’t know how to care for plants, don’t torture yourself and flowers – skip this point. Don’t forget that the main goal is to achieve maximum comfort and convenience.

    Special Architecture Colonial Home Interior

    Special Architecture Colonial Home Interior

    Most often, two-story house owners choose the colonial style. In this case, the designer has a place to roam and show imagination.

    Because such homes are decorated according to last year’s principles, there is no plastic ceiling and stretch. Artificial material is too flashy. High-quality wooden windows will warm up in winter no worse than plastic ones, and dark wooden doors will give you an unforgettable comfortable feeling.

    Advice. It would be nice to make several exits to the park: from the kitchen, bedroom or hall. Large windows to the floor and the phrase “going out the window” will change their tragic meaning.

    As facing material, natural stone and wood are suitable. Just imagine: the facade of the house is lined with stone, large wooden windows and doors, natural wood floors, rattan furniture and you. All that’s missing is a fireplace and a hairy rug underneath. In such a place, everyone will feel the comfort and warmth of their home.

    Wall and ceiling

    The colonial design uses natural materials: stone, wood, copper, clay, and brick. If you don’t want to play around with wallpaper, you can paint the walls in bright colors. Creams or creams are the most suitable – they will give a feeling of air and visually enlarge the room. Love wallpapers? Choose them. Monochrome or with a small bamboo pattern will look great.

    Want something more alive? Then look for wallpapers with exotic patterns. The prerequisite is natural color. Otherwise, the wall will look strange compared to the general concept.

    You can leave the ceiling flat and bright, or you can decorate it with cloth or leather. This will give a more majestic and elegant interior. The floor must be darker than the walls and ceiling, but should also be monophonic. This surface design serves as an ideal background for furniture and decoration.

    Curtains and other textiles

    Initially, all Colonial Home Interior style houses had wooden shutters. They protect from the sun, strong winds and storms because the climate in these countries has a lot to be desired. At night, the window is usually hung with curtains made of expensive fabrics: velvet, silk or thin linen.

    Now there is no need for shutters. Instead, they use bamboo blinds which overcome the task no worse than the old method. Besides windows, textiles are used for seats on chairs and sofas, sheets and decorative pillows.

    Pillows are the best way to add accents to your room. Place several products in one style, and the room will feel changed.

    For colonial-style houses, the designer recommends using natural fabrics:

    • Silk
    • Linen
    • Fur
    • Cotton
    • Wool
    • Velvet

    You can combine several types of textiles in one room. For example, complement the curtains of the best linen with chic velvet sheets. It will look richer and more attractive.

    Colonial Home Interior Furniture

    The beauty of this style is the variety of furniture elements. Among the many models of sofas and cabinets, you will surely find your dream.

    Here are some placement options:

    Family room

    Who doesn’t like to spend the night on the couch in the living room with family or friends? You can diversify the interior with the help of soft chairs covered with a pleasant cloth or leather, placed near an electric fireplace.

    Carved wooden bookshelves, soft pouf, candles and beautiful views above the fireplace will complete the decor. It is recommended to have some decorative pillows on the sofa and chair. Some pots with exotic plants, warm carpets on the floor and a small dark coffee table – the atmosphere of the living room will delight you every day.


    Colonial Home Interior
    Colonial Home Interior

    A large four-poster bed, a woman’s desk with a mirror in a gold-plated frame and chest of drawers – these bedrooms seemed to have come down from old film screens. In it, you will surely feel pleasure and comfort. To enliven the interior a bit, use plants and decorative items.

    Don’t overdo it with decorations or furniture – the bedroom must have enough space and air. The amount of artificial light is not recommended in the room. Want more light? Large windows are ideal for bright bedrooms.

    The most important thing in the kitchen is comfort and functionality. Large wooden furniture and tables made of natural stone. A sturdy stone table surrounded by dark wooden chairs with soft velvet seats. Such a kitchen is the pride of the whole house. You can also dream and arrange your furniture as you wish – there are no strict restrictions for this.


    Colonial Home Interior

    What can be used as decoration except for plants and textiles? In this case, one can show imagination and realize even the boldest solutions.

    Colonial Interior
    Colonial Interior

    A Touch Of The Colonial Interior Design Of Your Home

    A house with classic and unique interior design is one of the designs of the house that some people dream of. This is because the house can later have its characteristics, giving rise to the impression of pride to the owner of the house. And you certainly know that the colonial interior is all from the Netherlands.

    British colonial-style house design or in the Indonesian language commonly called Colonial Interior style will give the impression of luxury and uniqueness. Because every detail of accents and furniture that comes into the room is carefully considered following the style that had developed in England in colonial times.

    You are curious about the interior design of this one, can try the way below to apply it to the room in your home.

    Furniture to complement the colonial interior

    colonial interior
    Source Image

    To produce an intact colonial look on the interior, use furniture made from wood with a dark brownish color, one type of mahogany. Then, make sure each piece of furniture has a slightly worn and rustic look that you can get at antique shops. Especially in the colonial dining room interior, make sure you use a square table with bench seating.

    In some other colonial interior designs, maybe you find a slightly glamorous design, with a touch of ornamentation in several corners, one of which is in the furniture. This furniture is usually in the form of couches or sofas with rounded arms, upholstery of thick materials such as velvet and tapestry.

    The dominant color in colonial interior decoration

    colonial interior
    colonial interior

    The dominant color in Colonial Interior buildings is usually a basic color pigment with a hue that is soft and muted. Cream colors are found on the walls of the room, both interior, and exterior.

    This cream color is usually combined with a natural brown color from wood. Other colors that are commonly used also include deep green, mustard yellow, red barn, and taupes. These additional colors can be realized in couches, sofas, or tablecloths, or pillowcases.

    For the walls, besides using paint with basic color pigments, you can also use wallpaper. But because in colonial times wallpaper was an expensive material, wall stencil was more commonly used. Fruit and flower motifs are the most chosen motifs for wall stencil motifs.

    Colonial Interior lighting

    Colonial Interior

    Lighting to complement colonial-style architecture is usually made from basic materials, such as wood, iron, or wrought metals. To make it look more aesthetic and artistic, the lighting for this colonial building tends to be rustic with a utilitarian design. Decorative ornaments are also relatively simple.

    In the colonial era, lighting usually came from the flame of a candle. But now, lamps with a Colonial Interior design are available in electric form. Even to get an authentic colonial look, the lights of today are given a distressed treatment. Some types of lamps that represent this colonial impression include candlesticks, Pendants, Lampshades, Bar Lights, Sconces, and colonial-style lanterns.

    Main Feature Design Of Dutch Colonial Interior House

    Colonial Interior

    The following are the main characteristics that become the requirements of a classic and elegant Dutch-style house. If you don’t have these 3 characteristics, then it doesn’t feel right to be a Dutch-style building.

    The room is symmetrical

    The first characteristic is having symmetrical rooms. The Dutch architects not only made houses with symmetrical designs but also arranged the city in such a way, from office buildings to railroads that had their aesthetics with symmetrical references. So, if you want to build a house with Dutch colonial design, you can use the asymmetrical model for the rooms. On the roof, home design can form a triangle as usual but its size is proportional to one-third of the entire building.

    The size tends to be large

    Because the old Dutch houses in Indonesia are generally owned by high-ranking officials or officials, it is not surprising that the size is quite large. With these considerations in mind, the size of the house that refers to its model on the windmill country is indeed made large. Size is one of the characteristics of homes in the Netherlands because it symbolizes the welfare and financial security of the owner.

    Classic Elegant Design

    What else needs to be emphasized if you want to make models and designs of Dutch colonial houses? The classic elegant design is very important to be made in buildings, both interior, and exterior. Pillars can add splendor, or if you want to be more melancholy, the combination of doors and windows can be maximized.

    Another part that can be emphasized is the interior, where there are accessories such as classic furniture with attractive carvings. Not only that, but lamp hangers and wallpapers can also make the house design look more classic. The dim atmosphere in the reading room and the stairs with the bottom shaped cupboard in the style of Harry Potter films are also one of the reinforcements of European-style elegant design.

    Another uniqueness of the Dutch Colonial House

    In addition to the above characteristics, there is also some other uniqueness of the Dutch colonial house. Even though it’s not big things, but if combined it can be a beautiful and elegant combination. Not only that, but the residents will also feel more comfortable when in a house that has a shady and warm design with the following uniqueness.

    Having a large yard

    The uniqueness of the first of the Dutch colonial-style house is having a large yard. The yard is usually filled with flower plants. In the Netherlands, the tulip flower garden is a mainstay to sweeten the atmosphere.

    However, in Indonesia, Colonial Interior – style houses can be adjusted with other floral plants typical of their respective regions. So as not to muddy during the rainy season, the lawn can be planted with fine grass to enhance the atmosphere. Not only that, but the yard can also be equipped with paths or exotic natural rocks.

    Typical Country Fireplace 4 Season

    Because the Netherlands is in an area with 4 seasons, there is a fireplace built for access to smoke release. Although there is now an automatic space heater that eliminates the function of a fireplace, many people still use the fireplace as a sweetener in colonial interior . Not only the fireplace, but the chimney can also be the main key to the beauty of the exterior of the house.


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