Simple Interior Design For Minimalist House

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Simple Interior Design  – Regardless of the area of ​​land you have, you need a creative plan in designing the building that you will inhabit. Every corner of the space must be utilized as well as possible, to produce an efficient arrangement.

The theory is minimalist houses use monochrome colored wall paint. If you feel that the white color is too plain, add wood material or simple patterned natural stone walls as accents.

Simple Interior Design

Following the theory, occupants spend as much as 95% in the house. Thus, good Simple Interior Design is needed to bring the feel of a comfortable, personal home, as well as everlasting. Besides, the house is also a symbol of one’s personality, which represents the expression of the occupants.

Through this article, we try to summarize some simple minimalist home interior inspiration for you:

1. Foyer

Simple Interior Design

As a place between the terrace and the living room, or to say the lobby, the foyer area is the first area that is seen when entering the house. The foyer area with minimal decorative elements and the dominance of wood accents gives a natural and compact impression to a minimalist home.

2. Living Room and Family

Simple Interior Design

Designing the interior of the living room in a minimalist home, a living room with high ceilings, and large windows, makes the room feel spacious and maximizes the amount of light entering. Besides, both functions also provide good air circulation in a room. The choice of soft colors and wood accents can also give the impression of comfort and relaxation.

3. Work Space

Simple Interior Design

Working at home has many challenges, from finding the right design to your personality and needs to managing your office equipment to be efficient. Therefore, good workspace design is needed to increase work productivity. For workspace, choose bright colors, but still soft.

Green and the blue color palette is believed to be able to increase focus and work efficiency. The use of large windows also presents a free view as well as freshness when saturated.

4. Terrace

Simple Interior Design

The terrace can be a pleasant gathering place for relatives or friends who gather. One of them, you can apply the fish pond on the porch of the house, the fish pond itself is believed to bring positive energy in every home.

For minimalist homes with limited land, the use of vertical gardens is highly recommended to save space.

5. Children’s Playroom

Simple Interior Design

Furniture with foldable design can make a multifunctional space, like in the picture above. Children study and playrooms that are integrated with the family room also function as a child’s bedroom. Besides, flexible foldable furniture can make a wide space whenever needed.

The application of contrasting colors to the furniture can also add to the joy of spending time with your baby.

6. Bedroom

Bedroom - Simple Interior Design

Minimalist bedroom design without much detail can give a more spacious feel. The use of white or pastel not only helps make the room look brighter but can give a relief feel. Besides, maximize the use of sliding doors to save space.

7. Walk-in Closet

Walk-in Closet - Simple Interior Design

Tidying clothes in the closet requires good planning to look neat and beautiful. The contents of a neat wardrobe that can summarize the time in searching for clothes can also add to the aesthetics of your room to be beautiful and clean.

8. Children’s Bedroom

Children's Bedroom - Simple Interior Design

The use of foldable furniture is highly recommended for a child’s room that has a limited area. With foldable furniture, every space in a minimalist home interior can be put to good use, and get a wider space.

Don’t forget to adjust the furniture chosen for your child’s age. In addition to having blunt angles, gaps and furniture parts that can be moved or moved must be designed according to the child’s size. This is sought to avoid hand pinched.

For children’s furniture, safe palling material is solid wood that has been woven with finishing waterbased paint or non-toxic.

9. Bathroom

Bathroom - Simple Interior Design

To provide good lighting in the bathroom, but still maintain privacy, use skylights with iced glass material (ice glass that has a texture and frosted surface). The use of large glass can give a broad impression in a small bathroom.

10. Dining Room

Dining Room - Simple Interior Design

Wood accents in the dining room can provide a more natural atmosphere. Spacious sliding doors and green accents on the open terrace can also give a fresh impression.

11. Kitchen

Kitchen - Simple Interior Design

Built-in furniture or custom furniture can maximize space so that no space is wasted. Besides, built-in-furniture can strengthen the modern impression of a minimalist home interior design.

12. Garden in the House

Garden in the House - Simple Interior Design

Plain walls with minimal decorative elements sometimes make a minimalist home feel saturated. To make it more alive, you can optionally apply a garden in the house. Aside from being a decoration, green plants can make the atmosphere of a simple interior design cool and fresh.

Not only in terms of visuals, but the presence of plants in the house also improves air circulation.

Is making simple interior design difficult?

We once said in another article on this blog, “Nothing is easy in all matters unless we do it”. The same goes for you who want to make a simple interior design. You may after seeing the description above say this is difficult, but understand that everything is easy to do.

We dare to make this review because we’ve done it before, so we know in detail about the existing design. Are we difficult? Well, at the beginning of doing it, we were very difficult. Because at that time no description helped us like this.

You are a very lucky person in the world, you can make everything more beautiful at home without having to hire a top-class interior designer. Don’t waste your money just doing things you can do yourself.

We hope that what we write can be useful for you. We are sure you are building a simple interior design for a minimalist home. Therefore you come to this site now. There are many ways to make your home appear luxurious, all on this site!

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