Restaurant Interior Design , How To Make The Best?

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Restaurant Interior Design – The culinary business is one of the businesses that is growing rapidly in the country. This business has never been devoid of innovation and has led to countless successful culinary entrepreneurs. This is because there are so many culinary businesses that can be conceived and developed.

Restaurant Interior Design

The culinary business is indeed very promising. However, this also means that the culinary business has very high competition. If we mention meatballs, of course, there are various kinds of culinary meatballs that cross our heads.

Talking about restaurants is never-ending. Exploring the world of business on this one is very interesting and challenging. But is it true that the restaurant business is only a matter of cooking delicious food and serving it to consumers? The restaurant business has more meaning than just filling the stomach of consumers alone. There is artistic value in it.

Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant Interior Design

There are aesthetic aspects that must be arranged. The aesthetic aspect serves to pamper the psychological side of consumers, the visual side of consumers, make them comfortable, interested in hanging out longer, and feel a warm atmosphere.

So the aesthetic aspect is very important. This aspect was born in the form of a Restaurant Interior Design . The interior design can cover all sides of the restaurant, from the dining room to the toilet. Below we will discuss design tips for the interior of your restaurant.

Non Smoking Area Dining Room For Restaurant Interior Design

This restaurant section is the center of all consumer activities. This room is the side of the restaurant that is immediately visible when consumers open the door. This room becomes the pulse of a restaurant, where consumers will eat their meals, then chat about life.

Non Smoking Area Dining Room

So the dining room should be designed as beautiful and comfortable as possible. The dining room can be designed by knowing how big your restaurant is, how many tables and chairs are needed, and how much is the right distance between one furniture to another.

Combine the composition of beauty and layout that will give birth to comfort for consumers. Also, be sure to bring unique items to support the interior design of your restaurant.

An example is if your restaurant has a warm minimalist design, prepare antique bookshelves, minimalist food racks of different sizes and then formed into a beautiful ornament, or even wooden-based shelves to place the decoration of the room.

You can also play with the light design. If you want to accentuate the tropical side of the dining room, you can use this type of lamp with environmentally friendly materials. To add a natural feel to the dining room of the restaurant, you can display some artistic landscape paintings and plant pots. Your restaurant will look sweet and warm!

Smoking Area Dining Room For Restaurant Interior Design

Smoking Area Dining Room

The other side of the restaurant is the smoking area dining area. Usually, this area is more used by smokers consumers. In this section, the design of your restaurant must also still look unique and attractive, so that your customers like to hang around for long.

Pay attention to the interior design for walls, roofs, furniture, and decoration that can create a unique impression for your restaurant. If you want to create a classic impression, you can choose brick walls, wooden chairs, iron chandeliers, even old classical Vespa displays.

Kitchen For Restaurant Interior Design

Kitchen Restaurant Interior Design

The kitchen is a vital part of a restaurant and can be said to be the heart of your restaurant. This is where all the delicious dishes start. Therefore do not underestimate the interior design of the kitchen. Especially if your restaurant has an open kitchen concept, where consumers can see the activities of chefs in cooking food. Estimate the size of your kitchen.

Make sure the room is big enough to make your chefs move freely. The interior design must also be considered. So that the kitchen looks magnificent is that you can play with indentations on walls, kitchen ceilings, the shape of lamps, kitchen partitions, and various decorations.

Don’t forget to choose fresh and bright shades of paint. Add some interesting wall hangings and hanging decorations to your restaurant’s kitchen. Photos of the mainstay food in your restaurant can also be a beautiful and seductive decoration.

Bar Area For Restaurant Interior Design

Bar Area Restaurant Interior Design

Do you plan to have a bar area in your restaurant? The bar area will be very attractive to consumers, where they will come, sit, and order drinks. If your restaurant bar is attractively designed, the bar area will be a visual attraction for your restaurant.

Some examples of interior design for the bar area is to emphasize the bar table used in restaurants. You can choose to use a bar table made of wood, granite, or aluminum. Also, pay attention to the bar chair material that will be used. Then pay attention to the strongest point of your bar, the layout of the beverage bottles. You can use a large wooden shelf filled with drink bottles.

You can also try breaking down interior designs such as making shelves inside the wall, putting some reliable drink bottles, then covering the wall with a layer of clear glass. Beautify with modern minimalist themed chandelier.

Toilet For Restaurant Interior Design

Toilet Restaurant Interior Design

Even though it is hidden and located in the back of your restaurant, never underestimate the design for your restaurant’s toilet. A toilet that has a good design will make consumers comfortable and provide added value to your restaurant. They will be amazed and wonder what made you pay attention to such detail.

For Restaurant Interior Design , you can focus on toilet materials, sinks, and toilet doors. If you want to display a modern minimalist theme, you can also play on the mirror model. Use a long mirror, a neon box attached to the top of the mirror, and plastic flowers to display the impression of fresh, clean, and natural.

Lots of ideas about interior design that you can apply to your Restaurant Interior Design . Always think first about the theme of your restaurant as a whole. If you are sure of the theme you chose, then you can apply the idea, then make it uniform among the sections. Then you just choose the right furniture and matching decoration. Don’t be afraid to imagine the theme of the restaurant you want.

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