Modern Minimalist House Designs
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Modern Minimalist Home Design ( Variety of Functional )


Modern Minimalist Home Design is now a dream of many people. Especially those who have limited income. Minimalist home design can also be an effective solution amid the high prices of land and property.

Minimalist house forms that are increasingly popular and preferred by many people initially designed for middle to lower class people whose income is mediocre. Moreover, there are still many who do not have their own homes.

The high price of land has conditioned most people to be able to buy land with a very limited area. The form of small houses coincided without a yard like in the city is also widened to the outskirts of the city.

Limited land owned is what then drives us to be more creative in the work around it. The Modern Minimalist Home Design then becomes an attractive choice.

Although minimalist, with a modern design that will give a more contemporary impression. Especially with the approach to the functional aspects of this design which is more suitable for limited land.

Modern Minimalist Home Design 2 Floors

Modern Minimalist Home Design

This minimalist home design concept that emphasizes the aspect of function is following the needs of the lower middle class. Even with limited land, if you want to add space, it can be done with a model of growing houses.

With the concept of homegrown, you can add buildings for the needs of children and other interests. But this addition is not sideways, but to the top, because of limited land.

Modern minimalist 2-story home design models also become a very solutive and idealistic choice. Solutive because this concept can solve the problem of space needs that are effectively solved.

Likewise, this home design can also meet your ideal needs. By giving a modern touch to the architecture and shape of the house, you can also have a house that is memorable or luxurious.

Even with this concept, we can divide the functions of both space and floor more effectively. With a modern minimalist home design, you can get optimal benefits for a variety of needs.

Combining the concept of modern home design with minimalist design now even becomes the needs of millennial young families. They prefer a simple house model but gives the impression of contemporary.

Functions and Plans for Modern Minimalist Homes

Modern Minimalist Home Design

Having a modern terraced house is not always expensive. Even with limited land, you can also still build a modern residence as desired.

Modern minimalist 2-story house designs can be planned for various functions and benefits. Among them as a solution to the limited room if you have a minimalist one-story house with only a maximum of 3 rooms.

By adding a house floor, you can get additional rooms, especially if the child is older or for extended family members. With a two-story house, all the needs of the room of a family member will be met.

Even if you don’t have many children, you can divide floor functions more freely. For example, the upper floors are for more private family residences, while the lower floors are for more general functions.

You can also use the lower floors of this modern minimalist home design for functions that are more economic value. Well used as office space, shops, or other business ventures. So you can get more income.

For the design, of course, it needs to be adjusted to the function that you are planning. If the floor below will be changed in function for economic activities, you can add decorations or add elements to make it look more attractive.

Being creative in planning your dream residential homes is very pleasant indeed. That’s why they form of modern minimalist 2-story house design that has the impression of luxury is much in demand today.

Guide To Creating A Minimalist House Design

Once you know the picture of minimalist house design, it will be very important to know a few things below!

Arrange a mature plan

Modern Minimalist Home Design

The first step is to draw up a minimalist home development plan in as much detail as possible. You must have a strong commitment from the start considering that building a house will require a lot of time, effort, and cost. Plan well, carefully, and detailed construction of the house, so that you are truly ready to execute it to completion.

See the condition of the soil and the surrounding environment

Before building a house, you must certainly have the land first. Make sure the texture, condition, and size of the land in the location you have chosen, so you can adjust it for your home. Also, pay attention to the condition of the surrounding environment because you and your family will live and settle there.

Choose the right concept

Think about and choose the right minimalist home concept or design as you wish. If you are married and have children, build a minimalist house with two levels of family concept. But if you are still single and want a more unique house, you can choose a minimalist one-level house with the concept of a wooden house, contemporary, or other.

Determine the type

Don’t forget to choose the right type of house, where the house suits the needs and availability of the land you have. Besides, the selection of this minimalist type of house you also have to adjust to the budget.

Arrange the floor plan and estimated costs

Then you can start compiling a house plan that you will build in detail, so you can calculate the costs. Make plans that are accurate and truly according to your needs, so that later this house can provide maximum comfort. Don’t forget to start calculating the cost of construction, including checking the price of building materials and so on.

Check and adjust to financial conditions

How much money do you have to build a minimalist home? This question is very much because the execution will not succeed without funds. Building a house is very much influenced by financial conditions. Check savings, and adjust your home construction to your financial capacity. Do not let the sake of following the wishes, you neglect that the savings are not enough, so in the middle of the road construction of stagnant houses. Debt forced here and there.

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