Kitchen Room Interior Design Ideas

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Kitchen Room Interior

Kitchen Room Interior Design Ideas – Having a house is the dream of all people, especially homes with models and styles that are not tacky.  The house also plays an important role in accommodating today’s family lifestyles.  Everyone must be proud of this place to go home.

Kitchen Room Interior Design
Kitchen Room Interior Design

Therefore, not a few people who make home designs as comfortable as possible so that it is pleasant to look at and also comfortable to live in.  One room that has an important role in launching family activities and also as a source of family life in everyday life is the kitchen.  Well it’s true that the kitchen is a source of activity that will produce bowels haha.

If there is no kitchen then the house looks imperfect.  Therefore, there is a need for a special design and of course that makes it comfortable for the residents.

Modern Kitchen Room Interior Design is one of the kitchen designs that can be used as a choice to facilitate the lifestyle of families who want all practical activities and do not want to be bothered.  Then, how about simple but memorable kitchen room ideas?  Okay, let’s discuss this article, guys.

The idea of ​​Kitchen Room Interior Design space not only relies on and prioritizes function, but also must meet aesthetic standards, because this area is one of everyone’s favorite spaces, especially mothers who like to cook.  Spending time in the kitchen will certainly provide comfort if the design is in accordance with the wishes.

The interior design of this kitchen must be planned carefully and also mature.  It is not easy to design this area especially those that have a small size with limited space.  Actually the choice of interior design depends on the taste of each person, but take it easy in this article we provide a general design that can be used as a reference for everyone.

A very common interior design for a kitchen room is the “L” or “U-shaped” shape.  Where this model is very simple but looks elegant when seen.  So surely you are asking, how do you mean by the L and U shapes?  Okay we will discuss here.

For the L-shaped kitchen is a form that is suitable for kitchens that are in the corner of the room, stable and allows more free space for cooking because it has a wider area and not pressed.  L-shaped kitchen is also very simple to see.

Next, the design of the U-shaped kitchen. For this U-shape design, it requires a rather large area than the L-shaped one, because if this model is applied to a small house, it will look crowded, haha.  But the advantages of this U shape is that the kitchen looks more elegant and fits into putting various kitchen equipment guys.  So back again according to each other’s tastes anyway.


Do not hesitate to enter the composition of the room with the right touch pattern, but remember that it is important to make style softer rather than just a thick pattern.

Now the choice of colors that are very appropriate are white, silver and other soft colors.  Why the heck do you have to choose a soft color?  Well the answer is because the soft color has the impression of expanding the room.  Soft color also has meaning which means that person has a personality who likes cleanliness.

 Material For Tables and Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Room Interior


kitchen room interior
Kitchen Room Interior Design

Wood is one of the most popular materials because it is affordable, easy to find and also gives a natural look.  Material from wood is also easily formed according to taste and desire.  But its weakness stains and also water makes it less durable than other materials.  In addition, maintenance is also not too easy.


Kitchen Room Interior
Kitchen Room Interior Design

Now for this one material the price does tend to be more expensive, but the quality is very good.  Well there is a price kind of likeness too.  This marble material is also easy to clean and also treat.  Marble also has a durable structure.  But once the material on this one also has weaknesses guys, it is very difficult to remove if it has been stained.


Can be installed as a base if you use concrete as a base.  The price is relatively inexpensive and the maintenance is relatively easier, the motives also vary.  But keep in mind the installation must be careful, if it will not be easily cracked within a certain period.

Kitchen Room Interior
Kitchen Room Interior Design

In designing a design to make a room certainly can not be separated from the place to store equipment and also the food.  Well therefore there is the term back splash or storage above.  Back splash is very useful if you have a minimalist kitchen area and minimalist storage space.

You will be able to cook more freely because the cooking area can be used optimally without any scattered equipment.  Equipment that can be placed on the back splash such as kitchen knives, spoons, forks, plates and other kitchen utensils.

Maximize also drawers and kitchen cabinets using small jars to be filled with spices that are placed right and also easy to manage, because it will make it easier for you to adjust the neatness and cleanliness of your kitchen.

Next is the lamp, the lamp is also one of the properties that greatly influences the design.  The more the light is dark, the more visible the room is small and not fresh, otherwise if the lighting in the room is sufficient and bright, then the room will reveal the angle and also enlarge the composition of the room.

Therefore, it is highly recommended in this part of the kitchen room to be given bright lights so the room can look big and fresh.

So how about it, you can get an idea of ​​how you will design a design for your kitchen … Hopefully this article is useful and can also be applied to you.  Thank you….

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