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Interior Design Greek that you can choose if you want to build a dream home. Neoclassic were at the forefront of the fame of Greek buildings. The neoclassical interior design style emerged in England and France around the 1750s during the Age of Enlightenment, as a revival of interest in classical Greek and Roman philosophy and literature.

Neoclassical interior design is rooted in Greco-Roman design, the same design to incorporate columns, decorations, flower stalks, ornaments, and furniture of the highest quality into interior decoration. Although very rich and detailed, the Neoclassical design is more a refinement of the classic design style of the previous era.

Neoclassical Designs Tend To Avoid Dark Shades

Neoclassical Designs Tend To Avoid Dark Shades

If you want to apply the neoclassical style to your home, choose to use a variety of lightweight color choices. The combination of light or soft colors will give and display the feel of space that looks more spacious and spacious.

Color accent

Color accents in neoclassical designs can help melt monochrome interiors that are commonly used in classic styles and make them look more lively and exciting.

Neoclassic expand the limits of the material used

Now you can see not only natural materials but also artificial materials in classic interiors. They easily blend with whatever interior design concepts. And if there is a condition to do it, the only condition is that all materials must be quality.

Classicism mixed with modernity

To maintain classic features and integrate them with elements in modern design, use specific elements in a classic interior style. They are ceiling moldings, arches or pillars, as well as of course, furniture. How classic furnishings with perfect curves, sculptures, and finishing, looks very elegant.

Main reasons for choosing Interior Design Greek

Greek fame in some aspects makes everyone in the world almost imitate every element in this country. No exception to the building there. And below are the main reasons people choose a Interior Design Greek:

1. Describe the Infinite Luxury

Luxury is one of the mandatory traits or characters of Gregorian interior design, due to the use of ornaments that give a firm and elegant impression, as well as classy color selection. This will certainly give the impression of luxury that is not only temporary but will last forever.

2. Have Beautiful Proportions

Proportion is important in designing a room because it will have an impact on the visual beauty and comfort of its inhabitants.

The use of Interior Design Greek gives a beautiful proportion of space because the Greek style is influenced by the classical and elegant Palladian style with a high ceiling design. Having a high ceiling can be a problem if it is not treated correctly or wrongly choosing an interior design.

3. Has a Distinctive Elegant Window Sash

In addition to high ceilings, there is one type of window that characterizes the Greek style in its application to interior design, namely sash windows. This window is a window that consists of two parts, namely the top and bottom with the bottom that can be opened by sliding up.

Sash windows are rarely found in homes in general, so if you use a sash window at home, then in addition to the interior, the exterior of the house will look different from most existing homes. The classical impression of Greek-style is so attached to this sash window.

4. Offering a Symmetrical Shape

For people who like everything precise or symmetrical, the Greek style is very appropriate, because the other characteristics possessed by the Greek style are the symmetrical shape of the rooms, windows, and buildings.

This will make it easier for Narration Friends to decorate the room and also in choosing furniture because it is almost certain that there will be no odd angles that make it difficult for the Narrative Friends to place certain furniture or need to be covered by appropriate decorations to get around the asymmetrical shape of the room.

  1. SoftColorElementSelection

The elegance of the Greek style arose from the use of color. Whether it’s the use of color in Interior Design Greek, namely on the walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as colors on Greek furniture chosen to strengthen the design character.

The color palette used is colors that tend to be soft or pale like white, light gray, sage green, and moss green. This point will be suitable for Narrative Friends who don’t want to have a room with two striking colors but also don’t make the room seem dark.

6. Has a Crowded But Soothing Wall Design

The use of wallpaper will often be encountered in a room with Interior Design Greek. The walls that are ‘very Greek’ generally have intricate ornaments, but are soft and soothing in color, and the shapes are not conspicuous so they are comfortable to look at, and don’t make the room feel too full.

But if Friend Narration is not too fond of using wallpaper, then Friend Narration can choose plain walls and play with the use of Greek furniture to add Greek-style accents to the room.

7. Use of Flexible Furniture

The use of furniture, whether large or small can still make a room with a Interior Design Greek look proportional. If you want to use a lot of furniture, then choose a Greek furniture design that does not have a lot of carving or ornamental elements, but has a firm impression and still has a distinctive Greek style with indentations or small metal ornaments.

Then, if you want to use a little furniture, Greek-style will be more apparent with the selection of furniture full of carvings. Just choose the core furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, and drawers made of hardwood such as teak and mahogany, which are characteristic of Greek furniture.

You will get extraordinary things when you make a residential Interior Design Greek . Wherever you are, it will be an attraction for all who look, even from a distance. Because overall, home design like this is extraordinary.

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