Home Depot Walk In Closet

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Home Depot Walk In Closet

Home Depot Walk In Closet – What Is A Hotchkiss Home Depot Walk In Closet System? Home Depot Walk In Closet System by George Hotchkiss is the revolutionary concept that has taken the plumbing industry by storm.

Home Depot Walk In Closet

The system allows homeowners to clean their toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, and washrooms effortlessly and quickly in a matter of minutes without having to make any repairs or bring them up to code.

Home Depot Walk In Closet – Hotchkiss’ system eliminates the chore of taking apart the walls of the shower to install the drain. It features a universal stainless steel mounting system that will allow it to be mounted on virtually any type of shower rod. It is easy to install, and very efficient.

With Hotchkiss’ easy to install design, there is no longer any need to go out and buy a separate plumbing fixture to install the piping system for your shower. The system is safe, fast, and versatile.

Drain Installation – The drain pipe is not the only component of the system that is needed to be cleaned. Toilets can also be dirty and require major sewer line replacement. Hotchkiss addresses this issue as well with a clog-free design that are easy to clean, and easy to install.

Home Depot Walk In Closet

Sewer Line Replacement – By combining the drain with the drain line of the wall bracket, and the plumbing inlet, a homeowner does not have to invest in a separate toilet drain tank. By simply screwing a drain inlet to the shower bracket and filling the tank with water, the homeowner can have a fully functional flushable toilet at no additional cost.

Fixtures – Fixtures are an important part of any bathroom. A home owner should be able to select the correct faucet and fixtures for their needs. Hotchkiss is able to meet this demand for the homeowner by providing an online catalog. Hotchkiss has developed a new way to shop for faucets, taps, faucets, and more. The Home Depot Walk In Closet System has created a revolution in how bathrooms are designed.

Hotchkiss guarantees superior customer service and installation. The information provided in the online catalog is easily accessible, and the tools and materials required to complete the installation process are easy to find.

Within the four pages of the Home Depot Walk In Closet Walk In Closet System is detailed information about the system, the installation process, and the parts used. Even the installation manual is in-depth and helpful.

The plumbing ducts need to be fitted to each fixture to ensure the water flow rate is ideal for your needs. As with most other types of plumbing fixtures, hotchkiss also provide complete replacement hardware to make installing the system simple and affordable.

Most supply cabinets feature hooks and eyelets to allow for hanging. The Home Depot Walk In Closet System comes with a limited lifetime warranty.