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The feel of a simple and simple style house is not always synonymous with minimalist interior style. This simple style interior design is known as contemporary interior design or better known as modern interior design. Although this modern style is quite often assumed with a minimalist interior design, both have different interior design styles. High End Interior Designer and modern have more flexible characteristics in breaking conventional design rules.

High End Interior Designer
High End Interior Designer

The modern interior design style is a contemporary trend, has the characteristics of a room that does not use much decoration to decorate the room, looks neat and clean.

The use of natural materials combined with metal which is applied as a characteristic of this design. Open space with large windows, using neutral colors like white, black, brown for the basic color of the room.

In addition to these characteristics, this design style can also be seen in determining the shape of furniture design based on its function according to current trends, with a lifestyle that leads to practical use to help carry out activities quickly and efficiently.

With a simple design style, clean, neat and functional make this style very trend used by most people in big cities.

Because the process is fast and efficient according to the needs of people who live in big cities. With minimal use of ornamentation and decoration, the shape of furniture becomes it’s characteristic.

Characteristics of space in a house with a modern style that is transparent where interconnected spaces usually only use partitions to be an intermediary between spaces that are not comprehensive. Using building materials such as stainless steel, polished finishing, aluminum, wide glass, and natural materials that are processed to finish.

If you crave a simple interior design that does not seem mediocre, modern style can be the right choice. Some of the characteristics of this high-end interior design style designer in detail can make your home the home of everyone’s dreams.

Use of Natural Materials – High End Interior Designer

High End Interior Designer
High End Interior Designer

In matters of material selection, modern interior design usually uses natural materials such as real wood, recycled wood, natural stones, iron, and concrete. The selection of these materials is often used without the finishing process, this is done so that the natural impression of the modern interior design is more prominent.

So you should choose quality material if you want to carry the interior design style so that the material used will be durable even if it does not go through the finishing or finishing process to make it look more charming but simple.

Integrating Straight Line Elements for Home Interiors

High End Interior Designer
High End Interior Designer

One distinctive feature of High End Interior Designer that stands out is the straight-line element to complement the feel of the home. The straight line is usually seen in the painting, the shape of the banister, and the shape of the furniture used.

Ornaments with straight lines are a concept so that the interior does not seem boring and still look attractive even though the interior trend looks quite simple. This modern interior design is always changing. Always changing. The straight-line element can also be applied to the use of modern interior design swimming pools

Using a Plain Floor

High End Interior Designer
High End Interior Designer

Plain patterned floors are also synonymous with modern interior design. You can choose the floor material freely according to taste and needs, ranging from wood, porcelain, to ceramics. Usually, these modern interiors leave the plain wooden floor without any base considering that the floor will still feel warm.

However, some combine it with patterned carpet that has a function as a boundary marker or an inter-room divider in the house.

If you want to add a patterned carpet, you must ensure that the color of the floor and the color of the carpet will look harmonious and make the interior of the house more comfortable. Adding a patterned rug will also create a home atmosphere with an impression of modern ethnic interior design.

Use of Geometry Shaped Elements

Use of Geometry Shaped Elements

Modern interior design style does not always make your home interior seem stiff. As an alternative, you can also try to add geometric elements, such as a round table so that the interior of the house is dynamic.

If you combine the elements of the room appropriately, you will get a unique contemporary style that suits the tastes of you and your family.

Carved geometries can also be elements that have the impression of modern classic interior design. By combining a variety of styles can also actually make you sharpened your creativity you know.

Use of Natural Materials

High End Interior Designer

In matters of material selection, high-end interior designers usually use natural materials such as real wood, recycled wood, natural stones, iron, and concrete. The selection of these materials is often used without the finishing process, this is done so that the natural impression of the modern interior design is more prominent.

So you should choose quality material if you want to carry the interior design style so that the material used will be durable even if it does not go through the finishing or finishing process to make it look more charming but simple.

Minimal Room Bulkhead

High End Interior Designer

The concept of modern interior design can be realized easily in your little house by reducing the number of screens. Because the partition made of walls or other permanent materials will create a narrow impression.

It would be better if you try to combine several rooms so that the interior feel more simple and spacious.

The selection of matching interior colors in each room will reduce theimpression of narrow and increase harmony. This minimalist bulkhead space is suitable for use in living rooms or family rooms so that the feeling of warmth and togetherness is more pronounced with this modern interior design.

Natural Lighting

High End Interior Designer - Natural Lighting

This modern interior design has synonymous with maximum natural lighting. Because in some room dividers using glass. The use of glass in windows with large sizes and skylights so that the atmosphere is always bright from morning to evening and this is certainly to be very dominant in this modern interior design.

In addition to making the house seem more comfortable, the characteristics of this contemporary design are also effective you know to save electricity usage. This you can apply to minimalist modern interior design as an example that the combination of interior design can be harmonious.

Building a House With High End Interior Designers

High End Interior Designers – You lovers of the interior design world must be familiar with the name Grant K. Gibson. Yep, that’s right, Grant K. Gibson is a world of high-end interior designers who have been in the world of interior design for more than 15 years. This 39-year-old interior designer from Los Angeles specializes in designing living areas with a personal touch according to the preferences and experiences of his clients.

Gibson has also released his first book entitled “The Curated Home”, which gives readers knowledge about the design process. Well, here are tips are given by Gibson for you who want to start designing or decorating your own home.

Building a House With High End Interior Designers

1. Determine Your Style

The first interior design tip is to find your style. How do you find style? The easiest way is to look at your wardrobe. What clothing model are most in your wardrobe? What color do you have the most? What pattern or motif is your favorite?

The next way is to find keywords that can describe how you want to feel a room. Is it traditional, formal, elegant, playful, monochrome, or modern?

You can find your style by paying attention to design inspiration in every aspect of your life. Gibson often uses this method the first time he met with his client.

2. Know What You Don’t Like

It will be much easier for someone to express what they don’t like. These are the second interior design tips from a high-end interior designer Gibson that you can apply. By placing dislike into the equation, you can easily get rid of some things and make them even narrower.

For example, an old mirror that is too big in the room reminds you of horror events that you experienced when you were a child, you can eliminate them and then replace them with smaller mirrors with a beautiful design. Similarly, colors, plain colors make you feel afraid to be in the room alone, then you can provide motifs or wallpaper to make it feel more lively.

3. Build Space Balanced

The third interior design tip is to think about spatial planning that has an impact on scale. What do you mean? Many people often place furniture that does not fit the size of the room. Things like that are often even taken for granted by interior design services without thinking about the scale of the room.

Gibson always stressed to place furniture that is approximately you have enough space for him, think about the balance of space. For the bedroom area, also consider leaving a space that you can use to do various activities, such as a relaxing area, work area, and hobby area. Proportion is the key to a balanced space.

4. “Taste” the Color of Paint You Will Choose

The word tasting here does not mean actually. Taste the paint color that you will choose means you have to make sure the actual paint color that you are going to apply to the wall. Observe the color of paint in natural light, light, morning, and night. Often the colors that you see are good on the walls of your friend’s house are not very good when applied to your house.

The choice of paint color is one of the crucial things in the field of interior design. You should consider the color of the paint that will affect your mood. Some colors can make people feel happy, calm, or even restless. The selection of the right paint colors can also make the whole house feel more harmonious.

Gibson gives a little secret about the choice of paint colors. Be careful when you want to do an outdoor painting. The external environment greatly influences the temperature of light. Plants and the color of the sky can create green and blue reflections on your exterior wall.

5. Combine Cheap and Expensive Materials

Interior design is incomplete if it does not talk about furniture and decoration in it. A perfect room will increasingly feel its perfection thanks to the right composition of furniture and decoration elements. It doesn’t have to always be expensive items that you can place. It will be more balanced if you combine the cheap and the expensive in one room.

The simplest thing can have the most souls and become a focal point in a room. Or you can even re-furnish old furniture to make it look new. This way, you can also save more on your interior design budget and you can allocate it to other things.

6. Start from the bottom up

The next interior design tips given by Gibson are starting from the bottom up. Sometimes people are often confused about where they should start to build. Gibson used to start from determining the flooring material. By starting with flooring, you can proceed more easily. You can more easily determine the other layers for your room.

Starting by determining furniture in advance will narrow your interior design ideas. Don’t let the circus effect happen: too many things happen without thinking about the whole function of space. These tips can you use in all types of rooms.

‘’This is not just about practical tips or also how to display objects from a journey to finally be beautiful. But it is all about what to look for when buying furniture, and what type of paint works best in a particular room – but also the way you think like a high-end interior designer’’- Grant K. Gibson.

As a high-end interior designer, Grant K. Gibson always gives way to everyone who asks. He is always friendly when spoken to, especially for every client that you hold the project. In his hands, everything becomes easier. You only need to say what you want.

I have read a lot of newspapers and news updates in the online world, when it comes to high-end interior designers, then he will never be missed entering it. If you want a beautiful home and so on, Grant K. Gibson can give you a way out.

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