Hgtv Living Rooms How To Make Comfortable ?

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Hgtv Living Rooms – Bringing home TV room designs is the simplest recreation tool you can do with your family. For homes that have limited space, the design of hgtv living rooms can generally be combined with other functions such as living rooms or living rooms.

Because at first glance the design of the TV room has an arrangement that resembles the design of the family and guest room, many consider the design of the TV room can be realized by putting the Hgtv Living Rooms or family that already exists.

Hgtv Living Rooms

In fact, without regard to the standards and rules in arranging the design of the TV room, the activities of enjoying TV can be less than optimal or even not optimal at all.

Then, what exactly is the design of good hgtv living rooms? What rules and standards do you need to pay attention to when designing your TV room design? Check out the full review of the following good TV room interior designs !

1. Adjust TV Size

Hgtv Living Rooms

How does it feel if you have a spacious TV room design but only a small TV, or vice versa? Not only makes the space less proportional, but this will also affect the comfort level of the activities in the TV room.

2. Comparing TV Distance And Visibility

Factors that need to be considered in arranging the design of the next TV room are visibility, aka distance from the TV and also the sofa seat. Of course, the distance is too far is not comfortable, while the distance is too close will make the eyes tired quickly.

The distance of the TV in the design of this TV room can be measured by what TV size you use with the following calculation standards:

TV Size = 3X Visibility

So, if you use a 40-inch TV in the design of the TV room, the ideal viewing distance is 120 inches or about 3 meters to get the most comfortable viewing comfort.

3. Determine the height of the TV set

In addition to visibility, the height of the TV that does not fit will also make the TV room design uncomfortable. Generally, the height of the laying of the TV in the TV room ranges from 100-110 cm from the floor.

However, this also needs to be adjusted to the height of the family members, the height of the sofa used and the width of the TV used.

If the TV size is relatively large, then this height can be reduced to 70 cm. To test whether the height of the TV is right, try watching with a certain height and get a height where you and your family can watch in a relaxed position and straight view (do not look down or lookup). Using a TV table can also help.

4. Ensure the design width of the hgtv living rooms and the arrangement of the sofa

The size of the TV you use also affects the width of the room or the length of the sofa arrangement. A TV that is too small will make people who sit at the end of the couch less comfortable when watching.

So, adjust the size of the TV with your sofa arrangement so that everyone can enjoy a comfortable TV room design.

The solution for a wide space or arrangement of a sofa that is too long to watch TV comfortably is to use curved TV technology in the design of your home TV room. Curved TV technology will help every position to be able to get a good picture so that watching TV becomes more comfortable.

5. Paying attention to electrical installation details

One important thing that you need to consider in the design of the TV room is the electrical installation in the TV room design. Especially if the design of your TV room is equipped with various devices such as home theater, audio system, or electronic gaming device.

Make sure you provide enough switches and are in the right position and do not interfere. Usually, the position of this switch is below on the back wall of the TV.

If necessary, prepare a cabinet or night table (side table) to protect and cover the various switches so that the cables are not scattered about the TV room design.

Not only will it damage visually, but a messy cable in the TV room design is also at risk of causing a short circuit or disrupt traffic in the TV room.

6. See the direction of light coming

Light sources in TV room designs can come from two sources, namely natural lighting from openings such as windows or doors and artificial lighting from lamps. For natural lighting, pay attention to the source of the light coming towards the TV position.

The best position of the light source in the TV room design is coming from the right or left side of the TV. The position of the TV back to the light source will make the picture from the TV not too bright because it is facing the light.

While the light source coming right in front of the TV will make the TV screen glare.

For lamps or artificial lighting in a TV room design, ceiling lights can be a better choice than a chandelier, especially if the height of the TV room design is not too high. If you still want to use a chandelier, make sure the height of the chandelier is not too low, making the TV screen glare.

7. Using complementary materials and decorations that can reduce the sound

Unlike the other rooms, the design of the TV room has an audio function which certainly requires a different design treatment so that the sound produced when you watch is clearer and comfortable in hearing.

For that, make sure, you use materials that have a soft surface and can reduce sound.

The lack of interior material that can muffle the sound in the design of hgtv living rooms will make audio reflected and produce echoes which certainly will not make watching TV with the family comfortable.

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