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European style design is a worldwide design. Because European style design has its own uniqueness, it is not uncommon for people often when they have the desire to make their home designs modern style always has a reference to European Kitchen Design .

Some characteristics of European home designs are for the entrance to have a large and magnificent size, as well as their windows, have a chimney, have a facade with lots of interesting details and of course the most important is more dominant elements of decoration.

European Kitchen Design

It’s even more interesting if you have a European Kitchen Design dream. European kitchen designs including modern style kitchen designs. How come ? If we look carefully, European Kitchen Design always have a lot of detailed and magnificent decoration ornaments, with the size of windows and interior doors of a fairly large-sized kitchen.

Some tips and tricks we present in this article regarding European kitchen designs. Which will be very suitable for those of you who want to build modern-style residential buildings. The main point when wanting to create a European kitchen design is for dining and cooking to be combined in one room or area.

It does not matter if you have a minimalist size of the room, because not infrequently Europeans themselves dominantly have residential dwellings with a minimalist size. If the size of the room for a minimalist kitchen area, you can make European kitchen designs such as café models, by laying kitchen equipment such as café chairs.

And giving the dining table and cooking can be combined into one length. Of course, using aluminum is more suitable for this type of minimalist kitchen café style. Very interesting is not it? For these tips with a minimalist room size.

European Kitchen Design

There is one more way, by utilizing size design, which is to play on colors and materials. Like the use of the dominant color white, can give a broad impression on a room that has a minimalist size. Or maybe, you can also use aluminum or glass in the design of kitchen utensils and equipment such as kitchen sets or kitchen racks, which gives a broad impression.

There are several types of European Kitchen Design styles. One of them is, the Mediterranean style where this type of design style is typical European kitchen designs such as Italy, Greece and Spain. The characteristic of this Mediterranean style is its simple but also seemingly modern glance.

Where there are a number of natural touch spots, with play design characteristics using color patterns. Scandinavian European kitchen design style, the style is included in the North European style design style. If you are a European film lover, of course you will be familiar with the European kitchen design style on this one.

Because European Scandinavian kitchen design style has an electric style with a minimalist but cool or attractive impression. Where, this one kitchen design style will predominantly provide the effect of warmth, because in the provision of European kitchen design colors use the use of white.

If you, included in the characteristics of people who are not complicated or prefer simplicity but still looks cool. Then it would be highly recommended choosing this type of European kitchen design model. Because giving a dominant white color to the kitchen design with a little ornament will make your kitchen simple but beautiful when seen.

European Kitchen Design

The effect of the warmth will make you like your kitchen spot, because of the comfort that comes from that color. Finally, there is the Neoclassical European kitchen design style, where the Neoclassical style will tend to have a contemporary aesthetic, with a modern decorating style or even minimalist impression in a classic interior design.

Perhaps, for the Neoclassical style this one is not much different from the Scandinavian style because of the minimalist or simple impression that can be given by both. It’s just, for the difference lies in giving color. This Neoclassical style for painting colors in European kitchen designs may use any color, because the dominant aesthetic effect was contemporary.

Whereas Scandinavian style, always has to be dominant using white in European kitchen designs. So, for those of you who want a minimalist European kitchen design style, references in the selection of styles there are Scandinavian and Neoclassical styles. From these two choices you can choose according to your taste and European dream kitchen design that you desire.

From this European kitchen design article, you can tinker on your own by giving a touch of innovation and creation to your taste. No need to be always exactly the same as a European-style kitchen. Because the world of design itself is infinite innovation and creative.

You can make your dream kitchen comfortable with European kitchen designs according to your own criteria. Because making a comfortable place, to live is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Good luck with your dream kitchen creative …

European Kitchen Design For A Minimalist Home

European Kitchen Design – There are many innovations made in various minimalist home room designs. One of them is an attractive kitchen design with a modern European feel. Inspired by European-style dwellings, European nuance design models look so tempting and are recommended to be applied.

Want to know what a minimalist European kitchen design idea of ​​a modern European feel? Let’s look at the information below.

In the construction of a house, the kitchen becomes a very important element. Like a heart in a body, the presence of a kitchen will be needed and cannot be passed away. This relates to the function of the house as a place to live and a place where you can live.

The kitchen is a corner in the house wherein this part of the room takes place the process of processing food from semi-finished to finished materials. Of course, this eating activity can not be ignored because eating you will be able to survive. Therefore, the construction of the kitchen is often designed neatly and made with as attractive as possible.

European Kitchen Design

Starting from presenting an attractive kitchen wall paint color to pay attention to the design in the kitchen is an important thing to always be considered properly.

Well, from the many arrangements in the kitchen room, a unique kitchen design is often taken to be able to beautify this one room.

Inspired by European-style houses, the minimalist kitchen design in European nuances is currently so popular as an attractive design.

The condition of the room that is not too broad, especially making a minimalist kitchen design with a European feel will be very suitable for carrying.

For those of you who have a kitchen with the size of type 36. This kitchen might look small and it might be difficult for you to be able to arrange the kitchen as beautiful and attractive as possible.

But this does not mean you can not provide a beautiful and modern touch. One of them was by carrying a beautiful nuance and European nuances.

Minimalist kitchen nuances of Europe are always distinctive with a modern kitchen and cooking utensils that seem advanced. The design that is made in the kitchen does not emphasize the complicated impression.

On the contrary, the European feel like being in a European-style kitchen will make you feel comfortable in a comfortable kitchen.

The use of flat stove equipment that is not prominent that integrates with the sink, open, and others. We will be able to form a long table unit where you will be able to carry out cooking activities more easily.

European Kitchen Design For A Minimalist Home

European Kitchen Design For A Minimalist Home

The size of a narrow or lacking kitchen is often an obstacle for cooking that is difficult to do. Not to mention, for matters carrying an attractive design, it seems to be a big challenge. However, this does not mean you will not be able to do well.

If you can find attractive and appropriate designs to be applied to your home’s minimalist kitchen. Then this will be able to make the kitchen in a dream home look more attractive and beautiful.

Talking about designs suitable for minimalist kitchens. This time you will be able to build a European kitchen design or apply it well in your home. Placement and interior design in the kitchen that tends to be simpler will be able to make you able to decorate and beautify the kitchen more easily.

One thing that is characteristic of the minimalist European feel of the kitchen is the equipment and simple properties placed in the kitchen. This is done so that minimalist equipment does not make your space in the kitchen constrained.

Meanwhile, if you want to find a minimalist kitchen design with modern and elegant European nuances. So no need to worry this time we will provide some interesting information for you.

How To Make European Kitchen Design For A Minimalist Home

Some people want to make European kitchen design in their homes, but some of them feel inferior because the house they own is not large. Do not be afraid, because here I will guide you to make it!

Use Of Kitchen Set

One thing that is unique in minimalist European-style kitchen design is the use of matching kitchen equipment and properties. The use of this equipment is usually obtained from buying a set of kitchen sets. Thus, a beautiful and harmonious impression will always decorate the kitchen beautifully.

Why is that? This is because the number of equipment with different shapes and colors often makes the kitchen seem messy and full of diverse equipment.

Conversely, the kitchen set color alignment and multi-purpose equipment will be able to make the kitchen look more simple and elegant.

Adjusting The Size

Another thing that is also important to note well when designing a European-style kitchen is its size. Not a few people who experience errors when designing the kitchen.

The size that is not matched in advance often makes the property used in the kitchen too small or too large.

So thus, when you shop for equipment in the kitchen and property that will be placed in it. So it is very important for you to always adjust it to the size of the minimalist kitchen you have.

Wall Color Paints

In supporting attractive designs for minimalist European kitchen design nuances, it is also important for you to support the provision of color paint. This is because the wall paint in the kitchen will also give a different feel.

Therefore, consider again to consider the use of paint colors that are suitable for your minimalist kitchen well. The recommended colors are bright and soft.

Is my review of the European kitchen design the best? I can say that. Because I reviewed this based on a direct survey on European style houses. I explored nearly 100 houses in the area where I live, I asked permission from the homeowner so I could see all corners of the house. Finally, I conclude everything in this article.

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