Double Height Living Room Interior Design

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In the language of architects and interior designers, Double Height Living Room means that the room has a ceiling at a high enough height. Usually the ceiling is 9-11 feet high. Double Height Living Room Interior Design trends to have twice or more than normal height.

Double Height Living Room Interior Design

Double Height Living Room Interior Design has advantages, which is wider and has more natural lighting during the day. This room will be bright and spacious during the day because of the help of the coming sunlight. Have you ever wondered how you can let go of the ceiling and create a living room with a height of double?

Of course this style is extraordinary, fashionable and functional. What’s more, the whole world is quickly falling in love with this phenomenal trend. This technique will do more than just make your living room truly extraordinary, it will also add depth and dimension to the entire home.

However, behind the beauty of this interior design there are big challenges too. Creating a design with double the height requires a lot of draining thoughts and often you need professional help to design this kind. If it is not done properly, the room will be disorganized and not well ordered.

Double Height Living Room Interior Design

But You Are Calm, We Are Here Giving Some Tips And Also An Overview For Double Height Living Room Interior Design.

  1. Understand the Altitude

To create a strong atmosphere inside the room with a height of two times, it is important to highlight the height and make it the center of attraction of the room. This living room is the most important room in a home setting.

Where is this room to receive guests who come to our house. To make the room impactful, determine the focus point and then highlight enough to make it sensationally interesting.

  1. Combining the inside with the outside

There is no harm in uniting the inside of the living room with the part of the garden that is outside the living room with glass doors to the ceiling. This will add a beautiful and cool impression. So guests who come to the house will feel more comfortable and enjoy the chat.

  1. Use a chandelier

Hanging lamps from above are the most common way to design a room, be it on a normal living room ceiling or with double height. This will add an elegant and artistic impression.

The trick is to choose a lamp that will fill this double living room between the floor and ceiling to be a focal point to attract attention. The chandelier itself will add style and decorative touches to a room with double height.

  1. Warm impression with wood

Having a large room, bright and spacious light is a shame if you can’t design it well so that there is a lot of empty space and it feels cold too.

To make it warm and also comfortable, you can fill it with items made from wood and provide wall colors with warm colors. So that will make the room not quiet. Together they will produce elegance and warmth that will fill a room with comfort and wonders.

  1. Art to decorate walls

If the view on the large window in your living room is not attractive, you can divert a good view and also look good on paintings and wallpapers that are generally seen as the focal point of the room.

  1. Texture selection

Texture plays an important role in designing a room. This enhances the design to give characteristics and uniqueness to the decoration or design. The touch and feel of the room depends on the selection of materials.

Wood and stone are one of the right materials to use if you want to present a chic style with a comfortable warmth and natural elegance. Playing with textures on walls and floors is also one way to make the room look more natural and interesting.

  1. Decoration

A room with a height twice that of normal would have a difference. This room has a cooler and cooler atmosphere. Therefore it is very important to present decorations and furniture that are suitable for this situation.

Use some velvety base material and leather to fill the room with warmth and elegance as well when it is matched with a soft carpet under the feet. Long lights and the freshness of green plants will turn a room into an extraordinary and cool room.

Selection of the sofa can also choose a large one, but certainly must be in accordance with the size of the living room yes guys.

So, those are some tips to consider when designing a double height living room. Hopefully useful guys …

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