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Creative Office Space Ideas For Working More Productively


Creative Office Space Ideas – Are you getting bored with work every day at work? Maybe it’s time for you to consider remodeling the workspace you have. Having a creative office space ideas and following your taste will certainly make you much more comfortable working or doing activities in the workspace. As a result, work is far more productive, right?

However, finding the right workspace design is certainly not easy. Take a peek at the following workspace design inspirations to find the workspace design that best suits your style and taste. Hello, more productive work!

Creative Office Space Ideas – Scandinavian Workspace Design

Creative Office Space Ideas

Make your workspace design contemporary with a Scandinavian workspace design that is simple, but still looks attractive.

How to make creative office space ideas , simply by repainting plain workspace walls with bright colors and replacing home furniture with a variety of Scandinavian-style furniture that you can find in Dekoruma, your workspace design immediately changes to a more contemporary and comfortable way to work.

Don’t forget to add wood elements such as the floor to strengthen the impression of Scandinavian and warm the design of your workspace.

Monochrome Workspace Design for More Neat Work

Creative Office Space Ideas

Sometimes, what makes your workspace boring is a messy condition that makes work less enthusiastic. One inspiration for workspace design that can make your workspace look neater is to use the monochrome workspace design concept.

Minimize the use of color and limit it by using white and black, this will not only make your workspace design modern but also neat.

Warmer Work Atmosphere with Wood Material

Do you know, the presence of natural elements such as wood and plants can reduce stress levels? Take advantage of this natural element to make your workspace design not boring and make you easy to stress.

Use furniture with wood colors and textures and combine them with a few plants to sweeten your desk. You can make creative office space ideas feel warmer and certainly not easy to create stress.

Appear different from the Design of Industrial Work Space

If you are used to working in a workspace with a formal design, give it a more eccentric nuance with industrial-style creative office space ideas. Use exposure material on walls and floors. For examples like using brick or concrete.

Combine with furniture such as a work table with iron and wood accents so that the industrial style is increasingly prominent. Dekoruma sells a desk like the one above so you don’t have to bother looking for it anywhere else.

Use the Attic as a Work Space

Occupancy is limited but you need creative office space ideas? Why not use the attic of your home as a workspace like this one workspace design? Since most of your work activities are sitting in a chair, then the attic condition that has a low ceiling won’t be that much of a problem. You can also juggle your attic in an all-white color to make the attic look brighter.

For lighting, if it is impossible to add a window, use the skylight in the design of the workspace in your attic so that the natural lighting in the attic is maximal and makes the loft not feel damp and dark. Not only that, but you can add a floor lamp too.

Vintage Workspace Design

Another option for presenting eccentric, formal, yet warm workspace designs is to use vintage-style furniture and interiors in your workspace design.

For those of you who want a feminine impression, use softer colors with a combination of floral fabric. Work is much more comfortable with this one workspace design. You can add this accent through the decorative pillows.

Futuristic Workspace Design

For those of you who need creative ideas while working, in addition to playing with colors like the design of the previous workspace, sometimes the design of a dynamic workspace such as a workspace design with a futuristic style designed by RBS Group for Compass Group offices in Switzerland.

By making sloping planes and removing a few angle elbows, this workspace design seems modern, futuristic, and certainly interesting to use for work!

To maximize movement, a desk for work is made the size of a standing table so you don’t need to ache sitting constantly while working. The combination of white and natural elements such as wood also makes the design of this workspace stay warm.

Workspace Design with a Garden Concept

Many surveys say that many people prefer to work outside the workspace to relieve fatigue. One of the locations that can release stress while working is a park, where you can enjoy the vegetation and feel the coolness of the trees.

Instead of spending time looking for a park outside the workspace, why not bring the park into your workspace design? This also inspired one of the workspace designs in Google’s office in Dublin that has creative office space ideas that are filled with a variety of green plants like a garden in a workspace.

Carpeting the floor with a choice. The carpet itself is grass and some trees to small plants are presented in the design of the workspace so that this workspace is so much more refreshing.

If making a workspace design like this is considered too extreme, presenting a few small flower vases to refresh the workspace design is also not a bad idea like the natural workspace design that has been discussed previously.

Compact Workspace Design

Creative Office Space Ideas

For those of you who want to make a home-like office without intervening in other spaces, this compact workspace design made by Nilsson Pflugfelder could be the solution.

With various function modules ranging from the workspace, resting place, small meeting, to bed, everything is arranged into a compact workspace that you can use with your colleagues.

Boredom will come up to anyone, especially your workplace has never moved for decades. Therefore creative office space ideas will give a little fresh and new impression for you. So that you can directly be more productive at work every day without feeling bored.

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