Condo Interior Design With Genius Storage Ideas

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Condo Interior Design

Condo Interior Design – A condo, is a form of housing use rights in which a certain portion of real estate (usually an apartment room) is owned individually. However, it is linked to all forms of usage of various facilities in its access, such as aisles, heating systems, elevators, external areas and others which are always located at the bottom of the jurisdiction connected with individual ownership and controlled by the owner’s association which is the body’s totality selection body the.

Condo Interior Design

Condo Interior Design is different from an apartment, where the meaning of the condominium itself is intended as a residential or unit whose status is located at the base of individual ownership and is not like the right to use or rent a kind of apartment in general.

Condo buildings generally only consist of only a few towers, which can be 2 or 3 towers. The condominium is also equipped with quite elegant facilities, such as a swimming pool, a large yard, gym facilities, restaurants, spas, and other supporting elegant facilities. The condominium is intended for sale to the upper-middle class.

Condo Interior Design also offers a great level of security. Not only are they protected by security officers, but the condominium is also equipped with security cameras. With a 24-hour security system, robberies or theft are not often involved in the condominium area. The watchman also does not need to mess around with matters of cleanliness and maintenance of the area because generally it has been taken care of by the developer.

Condo Interior Design

In Amerika, the word condominium is more widely used by those who are struggling in the property business, where since the last few years condominiums have begun to be introduced like new residential products for those who live in urban areas such as Jakarta and other big cities.

The property business people have certain thoughts in distinguishing the meaning of the word condominium and apartment. They use the term condominium like an apartment unit that is sold and intended to be owned individually by the residents. The watchmen also freely sell their condos. Instead, the apartment is a unit or apartment that you want to rent.

However, at this time the comparison between apartments and condos is confusing because many apartments can be owned. The comparison between the two is indeed not very visible. You can use condos like a long-term investment.

Hopefully, the description above can share the reflection on you overriding the difference, so you can be sure which one you want to sort out.

How to Make Best Condo Interior Design

Chic and elegant

Condo Interior Design

To create a chic and sleek condominium look, focus your search on items that have a black pattern such as dark brown, beige, and gray. Also, select lighting that can illuminate all polished and classy rooms and furniture.

Inspired by Nature

Condo Interior Design

The feel of a condominium that is motivated by nature can make the mind fresher. To get a condominium with a natural feel, you can widen the window so that sunlight can enter more optimally into your condominium. Lighting from good sunlight can also help you to save electricity.


Condo Interior Design Minimalist

To get a minimalist interior design, stay away from the consumption of furniture or knick-knacks that seem crowded or fancy. Use some simple and effortless items to always be neat and clean. It can also increase the hanging rack novels or hanging lamps to increase the accent in the room.

How to maximize the use of space and condo interior design and how to make it look more spacious and spacious.

The condominium is one of the townhouses where the owner is only entitled to own a condominium unit, but not the land on which the condominium stands. Usually in one building, there are several condominium units. The concept is almost the same as an apartment, but condominium is usually much wider. Because of its location in the building, it is almost impossible for us to do an extension on the condominium.

In exterior appearance, condominium owners cannot do much, because the exterior is usually determined by the maker. The owner of the condominium unit is only given the freedom to organize and decorate the interior of the condominium. So, here’s how to maximize the use of space and the interior appearance of the condominium.

Use each area according to your needs

When marketing a condominium, usually the developer has determined each area following the designation, for example, the area for dining rooms, family areas, guest rooms, reading rooms, etc. You do not have to follow this standard. You can just use an area that is designed for a guest room as your workspace, or the dining room becomes one with the family room. This method is certainly more to maximize the potential of the room in condominium according to your needs.

Choose a color palette to give a broader visual impression

For spaces that are used for mutual interests, for example, dining room and family room, use the colors of the palette or pastel to give the impression of space that appears wide and add glass or mirrors in several corners of the room. Don’t use just one color for the interior of the condominium. Use other colors in each room that are different and have specific functions, for example, the living room, bedroom, dressing room, etc. Different colors will also give the impression of a real separation of functions between rooms.

Arrange the lighting of the condo carefully

In order not to appear monotonous, apply more than one lighting for the condominium. Namely by combining recessed lighting to illuminate every corner of the room. Do not forget the overhead lighting such as lamps to be placed in each room. And the last table lamp for lighting in a more specific area. But, we shouldn’t just focus on artificial lighting.

Considering Indonesia is in the tropics, of course, the sun is very abundant. We can exploit this potential to bring natural lighting into the condominium, especially if your condominium is facing north or south, where the intensity of sunlight will tend to be consistent.

You can add several types of screens to your window, namely a thin screen for the inside, and a thick screen on the outside if you want privacy. You can choose window film over traditional curtains or panels.