Bohemian Style Living Room

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Bohemian is an unconventional lifestyle and is often accompanied by like-minded people. This lifestyle includes the art of music, artistic, literary or spiritual. In an artistic context, bohemian is often used as a reference as the design style of a house. So everyone often calls it with a Bohemian Style Living Room .

The bohemian home design concept illustrates the non-traditional lifestyle of people who wandered in the mid-1800s. They are nomads who do not like to stay in a place for a long time.

Bohemian Style Living Room

Bohemian tends to refer to a free personality. So, this affects a house called the Bohemian Style Living Room , and a house like this will look irregular and free of a standard house design arrangement.

Bohemian Style House is a style of home design that is colorful and mixed with ethnic and vintage styles. no exception for a living room design in a bohemian house, has many color variations and seems unique.

Bohemian Style Living Room interiors have different colors, such as wall color design, furniture color, lighting color, and decoration color. all are different and unique colors, but does not reduce the balance for the size of a living room with bohemian style.

Then how can we know the characteristics of the living room of a house with a bohemian style: well, in this article, I will provide a reference for you, about the living room of a house with a bohemian style. if you are curious and want to know it, you can read this article to the end.

Characteristics of Bohemian Style Living Room

  1. Types of Furniture Using Patterned Fabrics

Bohemian Style Living Room

Bohemian Style Living Room usually uses sofa furniture with fabric motifs. furniture design prefers values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are free from rules. So, the arrangement of living room furniture will seem unique according to the character of its occupants.

If you want to get a typical Bohemian Style Living Room , then you should use furniture that looks old or vintage. Old-looking furniture is not furniture that is old, but new furniture with vintage or old models.

Another solution, maybe you can also repair your furniture that has been damaged, then you design it again in a bohemian style. So with this in mind, your living room is truly a living room in today’s bohemian style.

  1. The living room has a free decoration

The living room has a free decoration

The Bohemian Style Living Room is famous for a room design style that contrasts with the decorations. Even though it has colliding decorations, it still maintains a balance of overall room design.

For Bohemian Style Living Room wall decorations, can use white paint. and as a complement, can use other paint colors on one part of the other wall. Like using blue, yellow or other matching colors.

  1. The Living Room has the Lighting of a Classic Lamp

The Living Room has the Lighting of a Classic Lamp

Lighting a room will greatly affect the theme of a room. Especially the living room which has a bohemian style. Lighting becomes very important for a living room, especially at night. with classic lights, will make your home’s living room truly adopt a room with a bohemian style.

So room lighting for bohemian style living room, lights should be installed that have classic style lighting. If you want to be more varied, you can also use a collaboration of two lighting, namely classic style lamps and modern style lamps. You can turn on the lights simultaneously or alternately.

  1. The Living Room Does Not Have Certain Color Rules

Bohemian Style Living Room

The color of a room will be in accordance with the concept of room style if you choose the correct design color. including living rooms in a bohemian style must be adjusted to the right color selection.

Because the color selection will also determine the theme of a living room. for houses with bohemian style will be suitable to use color collaboration, such as white, yellow, blue and other matching colors.

  1. The Living Room has Unique Accessories

Bohemian Style Living Room

A bohemian style living room must have unique accessories that make the room more varied. Without eliminating the value of beauty and classical, living room can be added with some living room accessories such as classic picture paintings, attractive wall hangings, ethnic furniture, patterned room decorations and others.

So, you can design a Bohemian Style Living Room by adding accessories like the items above.

Okay friends, some reviews about the bohemian style house have been conveyed. hopefully can be a reference for the choice of living room in your home. thank you very much and see you soon.

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