Bed Room Interior Decoration

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Bed Room Interior Decoration – Hello guys, how are you? Hopefully healthy is always healthy … starts with enough rest guys, now who here likes to sleep and likes to linger in the room because it feels comfortable to just lie down and also relax in leisure time especially when we are tiring with daytime activities outside the home, of course we want to rest immediately and return home.

Well, the first place to think about and also the most aimed is the bed, right? The bedroom is one of the favorite places of each person and also a family member. In addition to being a place to rest after a day of activities, the bedroom of course is also a place to relax and play games too.

Bed Room Interior Decoration

For everyday, of course we not only spend a third of our lives in the bedroom, but this is where we start and close our days every day. Judging from its function, the interior design of a room cannot be underestimated or made haphazardly. Must be planned carefully and also carefully.

The interior design of the room should be made based on the desire of the owner of the room to feel comfortable and make it comfortable to linger there. The bedroom should also include many functions, such as a comfortable bed, a room that shows off your personality and a place to read and relax. Well, of all these things, the most important thing is comfort.

To design an interior bedroom decoration, of course you must pay attention to aspects such as colors, soft furniture, textures, floors, furniture, etc. All these elements can be adjusted to your taste, allowing you to create a calm atmosphere. in your residence.

How to choose a Bed Room Interior Decoration ?

When considering the design of your room, it is important to always consider the aesthetics and functionality. If storage is a major concern, it is important to integrate the right cabinets and cabinets into your design.

How to Bed Room Interior Decoration Tips?

Before buying furniture for your bedroom, you need to decide on several factors such as wall color, or bedroom wallpaper, and the type of floor you want. Try to choose colors that will help you create a calm atmosphere and also compliment well with your room furniture.

Lighting needs to be chosen wisely as well because very bright bedrooms are not sufficiently soothing, while rooms with inadequate lighting will hinder activities such as reading before going to bed. Accessories add the perfect finishing touch to the bedroom design.

For example, soft furniture adds comfort, style and color. You can also use wallpaper to work with the size and shape of your room, for example, striped wallpaper can make the walls look taller, or the room looks more spacious, which is very good for small rooms.

Bed Room Interior Decoration

What color should I use in the bedroom ? 

Colors enhance your mood, so choosing the right color for your room can actually improve your sleep patterns. Green and blue are excellent bedroom colors. Lilac has the effect of reducing stress, as does white. If you decide to use a complete white wall, combining various textures and patterns can add depth and warmth to your bedroom.

The white bedroom exemplifies style and evokes a peaceful atmosphere. Incorporating natural textures and wood into a white bedroom will make your room look clinical and cold. Monochrome accents are also suitable for white bedrooms.


  1. Rooms with soft color themes are preferred White

Soft colors like pink, gold, light green, light gray and also white will make the visual space appear more spacious. Starting from the walls, furniture to linen will produce a modern theme as well.

  1. Wall Shelf

One of the furniture that will not be separated from a room is a shelf, whether it’s a book storage rack or other accessories. to manipulate the shelves that seem to narrow the room, you can build a shelf wall up high to place your favorite items and collections.

  1. Decoration with natural light

Light is certainly very necessary in a room. But not all day we also rely on light from electricity, therefore it’s good to need natural lighting resulting from the arrangement of the window. Natural light will also produce a fresh and not stuffy impression.

  1. Select the appropriate sheets

Natural fiber cotton sheets without extra anti-wrinkle coatings are the best in terms of increasing air flow and breathing so you don’t wake up soaking wet with sweat at night.

Need to lighten up during the summer but don’t want to change the whole look of your room? Remove the blanket from your blanket and store it until it is cold

Well, more or less that tips guys in bedroom interior decoration, hopefully can help those of you who are looking for views for bedroom decor. Good luck…

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