Baby Room Interior Design

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Baby Room Interior Design – Moments waiting for the birth of the baby is very much awaited, especially for prospective parents who have long enough to expect the presence of your child in the midst of their family.

Moreover, if this is the first time parents face the birth of a child, of course anxiety, enthusiasm are mixed into one. As a form of enthusiasm, all needs always want to be prepared as early as possible to welcome the presence of this little one. Included in designing the bed room that will be occupied by the prospective baby.

Of course the joy of the presence of a baby makes you confused to design a baby room that is fit and with cheerful decorations. Baby Room Interior Design is certainly different from the main room design, guys. Most and generally this baby’s room merge into one with the main room or parents can say.

Baby Room Interior Design

But it doesn’t matter if you make a special little room for your baby as long as it’s close to the reach of ya guys, so that when babies do activities or cry we can immediately quickly and responsively soothe.

With a theme and size that are certainly different from other bedrooms, it is certainly quite confusing to start designing your baby’s bedroom.

Naturally you do not need a large room for just your baby’s room, but it would not hurt if you give a spacious room, so that as time goes by the baby’s room will be your child’s room until growing up teenagers

Doing a Baby Room Interior Design generally is to decorate how the room looks cheerful, unique, funny and simple but nuanced calm. Even so, the nursery also needs the same treatment as other rooms.

Of course, in maximizing the function of the room to the needs of the room. Besides that, the need to add a happy impression so that you and your baby feel at home in this nursery.

Baby Room Interior Design

There are a number of important things to consider besides decorating the nursery, given that the nursery is structurally different from other rooms, namely :

  1. Choose a strategic nursery location so that you can easily pay attention to your baby. Try not to get too far from your room.
  2. Keep the baby’s room away from the noisy and crowded room so that the baby can sleep and also rest quietly and crowded. Like a family room, the living room should be kept away from that room.

Furthermore, if you want to design a room for your child but don’t know the sex of the child, it helps you decorate or decorate a baby’s room for all genders or unisex.

This is to anticipate mistakes in determining the theme of room decoration. Then, what are the things that need to be considered to Baby Room Interior Design for all sexes?

  1. Choose the color of the baby box neutral and soft colors like yellow, light green, white, cream
  2. Choose a wall paint color that matches the baby box
  3. Add cartoon-themed pictures, animals, animations and other things themed to babies.

Now from some of the above explanations can be drawn conclusions about what things need to be considered and tips for designing a nursery, including:

  • Is your baby a boy or a girl? If it’s a boy, the design theme that fits is the superhero or king style. And if it’s a girl, then you have to apply feminine themes like Cinderella, Barbie.
  • You can use gender-appropriate cartoon themes or colorful designs so the baby’s brain can also develop.
  • For the application of color in baby boys should be given colors that seem bold like blue, red, green. As for baby girls, use soft colors like pink, light gray, pastel to make it look more feminine.
  • You can also put a baby bed in the middle or on the edge of the room. Give a lounge chair as a seat when looking after your baby. Location of furniture properly and strategically.
  • Choose furniture that is and use according to the needs of the baby. Such as a wardrobe, toys, shelves for baby gear and more. do not put furniture that has nothing to do with the needs of the baby because it will add to the impression of stuffiness.
  • Give the play area for your baby in a way you can put a soft carpet for your baby’s play area.
  • Give adequate lighting, because the baby’s room must always be bright. Make sure the light is not too bright because the baby’s eyes are very vulnerable to light. Give a screen so that the light rays are safe for babies.
  • Give toys in your baby’s room, but do not overdo it which will make the room look crowded and cluttered. Add some unique pictures or wall stickers to the bedroom wall with a cartoon theme to stimulate the baby’s brain development.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the baby’s room and keep items that could be dangerous.

So, articles and tips for Baby Room Interior Design , hopefully useful and good luck …

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