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The design and architectural style of each country in the world are indeed different all have their characteristics and uniqueness, including American-style home architecture design. Americas Best House Plans design is quite popular in the community, many people apply this architectural style because it is considered quite simple, but still attractive to the eye.

When compared to European and Japanese architectural styles – which are no less popular, American style houses are considered timeless enough to be suitable for use at any time and for a long time.

Before you make the Americas best house plans , we have a selection of the best American home styles from time to time. We believe that you will never regret choosing one of the lists we have prepared.

Americas Best House Plans Choices

Americas Best House Plans

You can research on Google about Americas Best House Plans , but we suggest you make sure the best designs are below!

Craftsman Bungalow Style House

Americas Best House Plans

The first American style house you can copy is the Craftsman Bungalow style. Maybe you are wondering, why is this house named like that? This is due, the style of the house that emerged due to the arts and crafts movement in the early 1900s in America. This style is thick with handicraft elements, such as wood, stone, and brick.

Besides, this house is usually built with two levels, has a front porch, low roof, and double windows that depend on the top panel and one large panel on the bottom.

Cape Cod Style House

Americas Best House Plans

Cape Cod is an American style house that is quite popular, as well as one of the most historic in the development of American architectural style. The reason is, this style has existed since the 17th century ago.

In the beginning, this style was brought and popularized by British people in America. The hallmark of the house has a steep roof, a central chimney, and windows that frame the front door.

Ranch House (Ranch)

Americas Best House Plans

If you like watching Hollywood movies, of course, the style of the ranch house or ranch is no stranger to you see. This Americas Best House Plans is very popular and quite attractive to many people.

Especially in the 1940-1980s, ranch dominated residential design in southern and western America. This house usually has an open plan, large front garage, glass doors, and a low roofline.

Queen Anne Style House

Americas Best House Plans

No less historic than the others, the American style house ‘Queen Anne’ is a residential architecture design that was widely used by American society after the Civil War. The design of this house is indeed unique, Queen Anne houses are usually quite bright, asymmetrical in shape, and have a roof that resembles a castle or castle.

Colonial Revival Style House

Americas Best House Plans

The American style house, named Colonial Revival, is considered to be very historic to American society because it imitates the simple occupation of the American colonists in the colonial era. You are certainly very familiar with this one house, has a characteristic red-brick wall, symmetrical-shaped building, a magnificent entrance, and has a lined window.

Tudor Revival Style House

Americas Best House Plans

Do you still remember the history of the British Tudors who entered America? Well, this one American-style house inspired by the story. The hallmark of the Tudor Revival home itself is the thick wooden ornaments. Besides, the roofline of this house is angled, so it looks like a triangle without a base. Many of these houses were built in the 1920s, especially in the Northeastern and Midwestern parts of America.

Townhouse Style House

Townhouse Style House

Who doesn’t know the following American-style house? Townhouses even become one of the characteristics of the architectural style of modern American settlement. This style is also often applied to a house in Indonesia. Even though it has existed since the 19th century, the respective townhouses have survived to this day and are found in large cities.

Prairie Style House

Prairie Style House

When viewed in plain view, this one American-style house looks like a minimalist home design indeed. However, this is not a minimalist American home design, but a Prairie-style house. Prairie-style house is often associated with world-renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Because the style of the house like this is a characteristic of residential architecture made by the person.

Nevertheless, the style of this house can be an inspiration for you who want to build a minimalist home. The difference, this house is very thick with brick material which is the main foundation of the building.

Modern Midcentury Style House

Modern Midcentury Style House

Ever thought, where did the modern minimalist home design come from? It could be the following American-style house that inspired the birth of this architectural style. Named ‘Midcentury Modern,’ this residential design is indeed very suitable to be called the ‘ancestor’ of modern minimalist home design. In addition to how it looks, this design has been around since the 1940-1950s.

The hallmark of the house is a very aesthetic and compact form, with open spaces, use of large glass windows, geometric lines, and highly integrated with nature.

Neoclassical Style House

Neoclassical Style House

If you like the design of a magnificent house, then the American style house ‘Neoclassical’ is perfect for you. Neoclassical is a residential design inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. The attraction of the design is the wide front porch, high porch, and large pillars as a buffer at the front of the house. Looks very majestic and luxurious, right?

Mediterranean style house

Mediterranean style house

Finally, an American-style home design that you can copy is the Mediterranean, or what we usually call Mediterranean-style house. This design is thick with Spanish, Italian and Portuguese architectural styles.

Currently, the Americas Best House Plans are highly desirable. We understand that you want it, and therefore we will make it in the next post. You are an extraordinary reader that we will never forget. Give us comments and reviews according to what you think, so we will be able to correct any errors that occur.

Every post about interior design for home that is on this site, we dedicate it to you who want to make a modern and beautiful home.

The development era that feels so fast, directly it makes us easier to do and meet our various needs. No exception for those of us who plan to decorate our residential homes. Now, a variety of home designs both minimalist, simple, and luxurious are very easy to find. both online and through print media such as magazines, newspapers, etc.

Maybe some of you feel bored with the various designs that exist and you find around the neighborhood. So you want to be different and look for new design inspiration. If you want to be different from the neighbors, why not just decorate your home in the American style?

The Advantages of American-style Residential Homes

Indeed, American-style dwellings at this time not many people apply it in building or decorating homes. But do you know, that this one style has various advantages, one of which is that it is more practical and efficient than the residential-style in general? For example, in its application in the foundation and residential characteristics, the American Best House Plans to prioritize quality with a variety of design variations, namely there are three design variations, first classic, Mediterranean, and a combination with the Middle East.

With some variations that you can apply, making this American-style residence more superior in terms of building materials, as well as in terms of art. Although the style of the Uncle Sam dwelling is identical to the big house, it is also suitable for minimalist housing.

How To Make Americas Best House Plans

for those of you who plan to decorate your home in the American style. Consider the following steps that can guide you in applying the residential style of this Uncle Sam’s Country

Residential Material

American-style dwellings generally use high-quality building materials, one of the materials you should pay attention to is wood. Because American-style houses often use walls made of wood, covered with wallpaper. However, there are also those made from concrete which is certainly stronger materials against various environmental influences.

House Color

For color, American-style housing is synonymous with bright and bright colors. Because bright colors will make the atmosphere more harmonious and certainly comfortable to look at. In general, the colors used are brown, ivory white, pastel, and cream.

Interior Section

In general, the style of Uncle Sam’s country house is synonymous with elegant interiors. Because this elegant interior will be beautiful when seen by our two eyes, it certainly can refresh our view. Therefore, color selection is crucial in the interior. As for the furniture used, Americans usually use identical heavy furniture, such as thick sofas with beautiful carvings.

Why are Construction and America’s best house plans Most Use Wood?

America is a highly developed country and is also most often affected by tornadoes and hurricanes. But why do the majority of the construction of the house instead use wood? Isn’t building construction like that even very vulnerable to the disaster? Why don’t they use brick and concrete building materials as we often apply in our country?

America has a myriad of reasons why they prefer to use wood in building homes. Whether you believe it or not, but this is the reason they prefer wood over brick and concrete.

The first is because the American landscape still has a lot of vast forests, so the wood here is still abundant. No wonder quality wood here is still cheaper than using brick and concrete. In some countries, like ours, a few decades ago there were certainly many people who built houses using wood or bamboo, but now that is very rarely found. Now the majority of our society prefers using bricks.

Before the 80s or 90s, building houses with teak wood was cheaper than using brick. At that time, only people from the upper classes could make a house with bricks. But now, on the contrary, only rich people can build houses with teak wood. That’s because the price of teak wood is now very expensive, well you know, forests in Indonesia, especially in Java are now also less.

The second is, the cultural element! American culture in building homes, from the past until now has not changed much. Because wood stocks are considered to be abundant and cheap, construction workers or craftsmen there are more skilled in processing wood than using brick and concrete. This is because according to demand, well, there is no general building of houses with bricks, so why should you learn to use bricks if there is no demand.

Americas Best House Plans

Home construction should not be careless, you need to do America’s best house plans so that the results are more optimal. I don’t know too much about the typical house styles in all of America, but everything I explore on foot and look online, there are many different types of styles in America.

Everyone will say that the house in this country is very beautiful, it cannot be denied. Because since civilization began to advance, home construction will go through a fairly long stage. People in the United States would prefer a quality house with large funds than minimal quality with small funds.

Not infrequently they use the services of America’s best house plans for maximum results. As you know, if you talk about it, it will not be separated from the architect. This also makes architects in America very expensive.

As the most developed country in the world, America always wants special things in every aspect. No exception the house occupied by every resident. And that is also realized directly by almost all Americans.

For those who live in the city, there is no other way to make a beautiful home, except for doing America’s best house plans. I can say if you live here, you are a very lucky person.

In this world there are many home designs that you can use, you can see all the content on this blog to find suitable home designs. We are very proud of our reviews can help you directly.

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