10 x 7 Design Kitchen Professional

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10 x 7 Design Kitchen

Kitchen is a favorite place for have a good food and health. When we talking about kitchen, we are also thinking about food, right ??? Yeahhhhh, you can do anything about food in there. You know ” good food make a good mood” so guys food is a important !! For a start your day ! From here.. are you want design your 10 x 7 Design Kitchen like your dream ?

10 x 7 Design Kitchen

Let’s come to read this article about 10 x 7 Design Kitchen .

In this article we will discuss the 10 x 7 Design Kitchen which is still classified as a medium size kitchen. In the world of design, especially for the kitchen many types of sizes are categorized ranging from large, medium and minimalist.

Terms of the size of the kitchen room also has different advantages and each has disadvantages. Where for the size of a large or spacious kitchen has the complete advantages of kitchen equipment and equipment, even more so for the owner to be free to cook as he pleases, where the owner will have spots that are distinguished or specialized in their fields.

10 x 7 Design Kitchen

Fun is not it ?? But of course it has a disadvantage that a large distance will make the kitchen owner get tired easily because the distance to move is quite far even if only in one room. But having a spacious kitchen is also a dream of most people, especially lovers of cooking.

For a medium-sized kitchen it is an ideal size, of course, although the equipment and equipment are not too complete to fit in a medium-sized kitchen room, but at least it can be used for basic kitchen equipment and equipment for cooking. The distance owned is also idealistic not too far apart but also not too close together.

Now, for a minimalist kitchen size, this is a rather troublesome must have a lot of sense so that the kitchen with a minimalist size can accommodate basic cooking equipment and equipment but also can impress not too narrow.
Fortunately, in this article we will discuss a medium-sized kitchen design of 10 x 7 Design Kitchen . In the 10 x 7 Design Kitchen is enough to collect quite a lot of kitchen utensils …

Because the size, of the 10×7 meter kitchen interior design is pretty much like the size of the living room. Mostly for kitchen designs, they are predominantly in size, people use soft or basic colors. Not because of the reason for choosing a soft base color, because the color will affect the mental dominating tranquility.

10 x 7 Design Kitchen

From the kitchen design 10×7 meters can enter equipment that is quite large. No need to worry about dividing up the spot for the 10 x 7 Design Kitchen because the available spots are certainly quite large. From a fairly large size like that still can still leave a few favorite spots in the kitchen.

Or add other accessories such as a spot to put mirror, of course it will be the most favorite spot because the kitchen is the dominant place for women. Because women also reveal always look beautiful too right? When they cook.

You can put these ideas on the list for a 10 x 7 Design Kitchen . In addition, most large-sized kitchens will be combined with their dining places at once, due to fill the space or a fairly large space to be used.

As a suggestion, for a fairly spacious kitchen design such as a 10 x 7 meter kitchen design for indoor materials, don’t use the dominant aluminum material, and so for tools and equipment as well. Because aluminum material, will give the impression of a room that looks spacious.

Because the 10 x 7 Design Kitchen is quite wide, of course, don’t add another broad impression by using aluminum base material. You don’t want either, don’t you, your kitchen looks like a huge soccer field?

Because it will affect the impression of “lazy” to enter the kitchen, let alone to do cooking activities there. It would be very saturating to eat in a room so wide like a football field and it would be very tiring to move around the place.

So, for 10 x 7 Design Kitchen meters is better dominated by natural stone or texture that looks rough, not woody material because the meaning of woody material will also provide a broad view of the room. Material or pattern design that has a texture is very suitable for a large enough room.

And you can use a soft base color for a 10 x 7 Design Kitchen . Because some dominant kitchen equipment made from aluminum, especially equipment with sophisticated technology. Then, you can cover it using stickers or other material that can cover of the background for the material.

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