10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior

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10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior

10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior – Having a magnificent and beautiful home is the desire of the loyal people.  But there are also people who only have minimalist sized houses, so homeowners must design how to keep the house looking good, especially the drawing room.  When you first open the door of the house, the first room you encounter is the drawing room .

10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior
10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior

This room has the main function of welcoming and receiving guests as well.  Anyone who will visit the house will first enter this drawing room.  From this drawing room can be seen how the character of the owner of this house.

Does he like cleanliness or not ha…haa…ha.  Now for homes that are minimalist, this drawing room has a function as well as a family room.  This room can be used for various activities such as playing games, reading books, chatting with family and other activities.

Therefore, to maintain the comfort of your living room you need to pay attention to the existing furniture and interiors.  But what we will discuss here is for the 10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior . So stay on, yeah …

Generally this drawing room building has an ordinary geometric shape like a cube.  The design has clean lines, nothing excessive.  Designs like this can bring peace after doing our daily work activities.

When you go home, the first thing you see in the drawing room is that it is so beautiful and comfortable that it can get rid of fatigue, fatigue, lethargy after a day’s work.

10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior

How to design a good 10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior ?

Now, when you want to plan for this drawing room interior design, it’s good to think about certain key aspects such as how many sizes are available, the colors to be used, what kind of furniture and accessories you like.

Now for the size of the drawing room that is fairly large, you should be able to arrange this room with a maximum, because you can add whatever accessories you like. I.  Wow, pulling openings.  Selection of attractive carpets, the selection of furniture and attractive accessories can also help the environment look balanced and of course fun to spend time.

You can choose a smart color scheme for the walls, add also the texture of the walls with a brick or tile pattern so that the room looks more elegant and also provide appropriate furniture to create a relaxed atmosphere.  What kind of furniture is that?

You can arrange this drawing room as relaxed as possible but it is not free from formal words.  With a size of 10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior you can add a sofa that contains 4 or 5 sofas and a table in the middle.  Can also be added to the wall with accessories on watches, family picture frames and even guys can add accessories such as green ornamental plants to give a fresh impression.

10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior
10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior

 What wall color is suitable for this 10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior ?

With a size large enough you do not need to be difficult to apply color to the wall.  In accordance with its function this drawing room is a room where people spend a lot of time talking, so it is very important to create a balanced and comfortable atmosphere.

For the 10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior , you can use clear colors and patterns, depending on the style and theme that is being applied to the house.  However, if you add a good pastel color, it will look wider and fresher.  So, back to the tastes of each homeowner yeah guys he he …

10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior

What floor is suitable for this 10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior ?

Now for the actual floor problem there are really many choices, including stone, wood, tiles or even can also use a carpet.  However, if the stone might look dirty, it’s uncomfortable to look at it.  Next, the carpet will create a soft and comfortable surface for cold climates.

Why is it said to be suitable?  Because the carpet, will give a warm impression.  Well, for this wood material, it can also be used indefinitely and it will display an elegant and classy impression, don’t forget, but still take care, too, so there is no damage.

Thus, it can be concluded that the essence of this article is:

  • Can put green plant decorations to add a beautiful atmosphere in the living room
  • Using a threaded wall wallpaper
  • Install a round mirror to make it look more elegant.
  • Add a lot of mini decorations and lighting that fits
  • Equating the nuances of color with existing wall paint
  • Color games can be done on carpets, cushions to living room chairs
  • Installation of outboard shelves adds inspiration to the beauty of the living room
  • Selection of the right sofa can add to the beauty of the living room
  • An interesting combination of white and green
  • The combination of muted colors such as brown, leaf green, mud ash and terracotta, because the color will bring the impression of warm, comfortable and inviting for guests who come into the house.
  • Occasionally combine with metallic colors like gold or silver, because that color can give the impression of luxury and also increase the aesthetic value of the house
  • Install the chandelier because the chandelier can be the perfect finishing touch for this drawing room.

That’s all the articles from us about 10 x 12 Drawing Room Interior , hopefully it helps and good luck guys to create your dream home …

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